The Tropical System

The Tropical System

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Hopefully he is. All I ask is that he respects me and my system, because in this thread I/we plan to talk about personal things that we don't need to be judged about.


Hello, all. I felt like putting a bunch of subjects in one post and felt like writing, so here I am. I wanted to talk about my dreams and plans, first of all. When I turn 18, I'm gonna move to Florida to live with another system that I'm close to. While I'm there, I'll attend college and become an Experimental Psychologist to research and prove the existence of plurality and tulpas. Until then, I'm gonna help out online and around where I live the best I can. In the meantime, can people link some websites that are like activist groups for systems? I've found a few, but I want to find all that I can, especially ones that I can sign up to help with activism work and such.


The next thing I wanted to talk about is a bit of an issue. I'm currently frontstuck, which means, well, I'm stuck in the front and can't really go into headspace. I can barely immerse myself there, which is bad for times when I really need to go there or simply leave the front. I've not been here in a long time, so I don't know if more guides on visualization and switching have been made, or that the old ones are still accurate. I know it won't be an overnight process, but it's urgent to me, as my grades are not the best, and I need to let someone else front for that and other reasons, mostly due to stress.


I suppose that's all, for now. I think the real reason I wrote this post was because being on this site is theraputic to me, in a sense, and I need a place to write every now and then. I usually do it on amino, but texting just isn't as satisfying as typing. I should probably find a site or start a personal journal on my laptop for that purpose, so that I don't get off topic here, unless there is a place for vents and off-topic posts.


That is all. I'm gonna keep coloring the text a certain color to show who's writing because, uh... it's fun *shrugs*

The Tropical System:


Andrew, Budo, Cali, Candice, Carmen, Dante, Dara, Dylan, Hugh, Lucas, Micheal, Rubix, Zeke, and Zelda


Dog: Spirit

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