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It's a ridiculous choose-you-own adventure game set on Christmas Eve this year, in which you can do normal Christmas-y things, like tracking down a missing demon (

which is an acronym, a demon is actually a type of dog

), getting in trouble with the police (

By extension, since telling another character to call the police ends up in them interpreting the call as a prank

), travelling to an alternate dimension, and playing rip-off versions of my other games. (All actual things you can do).


Mostly I need to finish off the last 9 endings.

“We need MOAR FLUFFY TOASTERS!!!” - Torea

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Thanks! Just finished the dialogue another two endings (from the same final branching point) in the time between those two posts. Just need to do a bit of code and I'll test them. I made a trophy cabinet in the main menu so I can keep track of what endings I've finished without having to write it down.

“We need MOAR FLUFFY TOASTERS!!!” - Torea

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There is a good ending (since most endings usually have some sort of consequence for the player's actions, such as being arrested for trespassing, attacked for not accepting a deal with a criminal, or possessed by a shapeshifting alien for playing a rip-off of a garderning simulator), but all 24 other endings have to be obtained first before the player has access to the dialogue option to get the good ending. However, all of the endings are canon to the same storyline as my other games (even though they all happen on the same day).

“We need MOAR FLUFFY TOASTERS!!!” - Torea

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Parallel Universes!


Also, this was funny and I'm glad I accidentally achieved perfect timing-





I'm Ranger, Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's tulpa, and I love hippos! I also like cake and chatting about stuff.

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Oh no! Better fix that! Also, parallel universes is not the answer. Neither is time travel. Or magic. In fact, they're all canon in the same way I can play the game again once I've finished it.


Edit: Is it bad that a lot of the dialogue and events in this game are silly enough to make me laugh when I wrote and coded it all (except Azure helped a bit yesterday)?


The ending I was laughing at.

[hidden]After making a few choices to get the story on the right path, I had to attack someone threatening me and another character with their own weapon. After being thrown in prison with the other character I was saving (due to their DNA also being on the weapon because the attacker was a clone), and after a reindeer appears and sings about being trapped, asking if the other characters are crazy because the reindeer can sing in the first place, and how the song isn't furthering the plot and is just in there for fun, I chose to escape the prison and leave everyone behind. After being approached by a criminal in an alleyway (who doesn't care to learn the player character's name and instead refers to them as "idiot"), I turned down his offer to form a criminal duo, and for some reason I laughed when he said something along the lines of "Now I'll see how well you can defend yourself, idiot!" Maybe I just have a weird sense of humour.[/hidden]

“We need MOAR FLUFFY TOASTERS!!!” - Torea

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