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How to Switch


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This is a psychological forum and a primarily psychological community. This is a given, delete it.


If so then why is there a metaphysical section here? If metaphysical discussion is allowed at all anywhere on Tulpa.info, then I see no reason why a guide mentioning or incorporating metaphysical concepts should not be allowed. If need be, a section specifically for guides that incorporate meta could be made.

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If so then why is there a metaphysical section here? If metaphysical discussion is allowed at all anywhere on Tulpa.info, then I see no reason why a guide mentioning or incorporating metaphysical concepts should not be allowed. If need be, a section specifically for guides that incorporate meta could be made.


We have a metaphysics section so we can separate metaphysics out serious discussion, questions, and advice and still allow for metaphysical discussion to exist. If Tulpa.info really wanted to fully embrace a metaphysical perspective to Tulpamancy, then we wouldn't go around saying we have a bias for psychological explanations and science. Obviously, not everyone's experiences exclusively line up with that bias, and sometimes metaphysics discussion can be really fun.


However, guides in particular should be able to teach Tulpamancy without requiring a Tulpamancer to learn sorcery, and they are required to fit that pro-psychological bias.


While I don't quite agree with Ponytail's exact wording, it's true that you should assume there is a psychological bias at play when reading any guide.

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If so then why is there a metaphysical section here?


A metaphysical section that is specifically hidden from unregistered members so it doesn't appear on google or to new arrivals. It's there to appease, more or less. Purely metaphysical guides go straight into Metaphysics without any GAT process, by the way.

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What Ponytail was originally referencing was the existence of different definitions being a given in a psychological community, not metaphysics being in the guide.

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she was just explaining why there's a metaphysics section despite us not really allowing metaphysics stuff, meta guide thing was a bonus fact


edit: oh ok

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This will certainly be a bit of a controversial guide since switching doesn't have a set "standard." Nearly every method to switch is different and most hosts have different explanations of what switching is, and what constitutes as switching. I will review the guide for its content and the likelihood of the switch, and occasionally suggest things based on my personal views. This may lead to very short responses.


Hook paragraph


Needs a bit more oomph to hook the reader in. Perhaps explaining what switching is at a glance could help. Stating that the technique is easy can be mildly confusing to readers, as for the technique I use is quite simple but not exactly easy to achieve.



At a high level it is not controlling the body, not interfering with the tulpa possessing the body, and then just not reacting to input from the body unless you want to.


Isn't this full body possession at that point, though?



Prerequisites: Meditation skills


Good on you for bringing this up. It seems as if meditation has fallen out of favor in recent times, and I still have no idea why. It helps forcing immensely and promotes deep focus, which can make things such as imposition so much easier in general. I would consider it a hard requirement since most new users aren't recommended to look into meditation, and tend to have issues that would be alleviated if they did look into it.


Merely being able to achieve the meditation trance is good enough.



Prerequisites: Some level of parallel processing



This will certainly cause some discussion, and from I glanced at, it has.

This is extremely important.

Parallel processing has become more unknown and more of a "meta" thing despite it being an essential thing for what tulpas actually are. They are their own beings and they have their own thoughts, opinions and quirks - A tulpa only talks to you because they can parallel process. If the host and tulpa couldn't, you would just be talking to yourself or assuming a personality that isn't your own (in my humble opinion).

Sentience is not achieved if there is no form of parallel processing going on.



Prerequisites: Possession


Please submit the possession guide to the GAT so we can review it and make suggestions to ensure everything is up to par and to help iron out any burrs within the guide. Since I'm only reviewing this guide, I will not look into the possession guide for now.



Prerequisites: Trust in the systemmate you are switching with


Even though this is a given, it's good that you bring it up.



For the host: first, relax, meditate, focus on your meditative focus. Focus on the focus more intensely than you are used to.


Hyperfocusing on focus is a bit amusing, I must admit. The wording should be adjusted a little bit to not confuse anyone reading this.


If it helps, dissociate from the body, but continue to just focus all of your attention into your meditative focus.


Not much is touched upon in regards to disassociating, so explaining how it feels and how to achieve that state will help out a lot. Even though possession requires it, it could help reiterating how to achieve that state.



Once you feel you have control, Start moving things and see if your host tries to subconsciously jump back into control.


Yes! This happens to us often during the initial switch. My host will blurt something out as I am slowly taking control and it essentially resets the process when he does. 


If you need to, you can regain control at literally any time you want.


This isn't how it really works for me, as it takes a while to get back into it. It's like switching a second time essentially. To each their own.



Looking over this guide, it seems to have a solid foundation for teaching someone how to switch. Issues are spread throughout it, which holds it back - Most of them seem to be general disorganization, but that isn't too hard to fix up.


The possession guide is one of the things holding me back from approving this guide fully, as I can't necessarily vouch for it just yet. It is a slippery slope if I approve this guide without looking at the possession guide, because who knows? Perhaps the possession guide has issues as well that could yield varying results for users reading it. Submitting it for curation will be a good idea in order ot keep it within the guide.


Once these changes have been considered and possibly made, I can fully curate this guide and approve of it to be an official .info guide. Thank you for your submission, and thank you for your patience in regards to my review.

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