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I really like this one. The way that the different colors contrast really makes it "pop", especially the eyes and hair. The only things that look weird about it is the hair sort of goes all over the place and doesn't have any clear flow to it, and the way that her right arm is positioned so that the hand is hidden is just kind of awkward. Those are really minor complaints, overall I still think that it looks really good.


Oops, didn't mean to talk about the hair so much

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Criticism is one thing, AB, but some folks are down right brutally mean, just for the sake of being mean. They don't seem to consider context, level, learning new mediums, experimentation... nor do these folks put themselves out there to be equally vulnerable or criticized. yay you!


Interestingly, I have seen art that sold for large sums of money that I have questions. I am still trying to understand Paul Jason Pollock paintings. I was the only one in the theater that laughed when Starlord made the Pollock reference in the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie...


We love your work.

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That's awesome Bear ! I think the person who criticized your art was maybe jealous in reality... Lol, if he only knew the truth, that you live with the model...

Misha, you look great !

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At first glance I thought "Holy shit, Misha is alive in the flesh!"


The texture work is amazing! I could reach out and pet Misha's wings as is! Her hair is amazing too! Her face is 10/10!


I realized that the work looks much better when I zoom in. I think the regular zoom version blurrs all the fine details, which is insulting for the work itself because it's amazing!

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Brilliant work, Bear. You're art is moving forward by leaps and bounds. (Everyone make sure to look at the full-sized image; the texture and shading just keeps on going.)


I find the shape of the wings a bit odd though. Seraphim wings aren't required to anatomically resemble bird wings, of course, but I'm having trouble figuring out the underlying bones and muscle would work, as well as how they would function in air. Relative to a bird wing, the humerus appears to be rising from the back when it would normally be angled downward, and the wrist analogue is still sharply bent even though the wings appear half extended. You might take a closer look at wing anatomy for artists:



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She's so pretty, Bear! You must have spent hours on the wings. I can see all the texture. - Cassidy


Good work. - G

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Thank you so much for the comments, I actually feel really good about it.


I had a huge learning curve and the wings didn't look like that, it was all a mess when I tried to fix them, i did the background,  then the wings, then the eyes, then face and hair, then body then i redid the hair, then I wanted to scrap the wings, then i redid the body, then i redid the face, then the eyes didn't look right, I tried to fix them, then the nose didn't look right to me, then i did the lips and they looked ok, then ugg, i didn't like the wings or the hair and i considered redoing the whole thing, but I didn't like my references anymore and, so yeah, i gave up on the wings instead of trying to redo them properly because i also didn't like the hair and then I was like 'it's good enough, i'm not even doing the hand, it's fine.' Then I got horrible comments from someone and redid the body, changed colors, i didn't really want to work on it anymore, and the critic said, "eh, it's alright" so i said. So I figured ok, let's get comments so we can learn.


Bre had the same comments as another person I showed. Not the original person who really threw me. I'm fine, it's good to get a critical review because I want P R O or nothing!


Okay, look at the first one, then this one, and there is improvement and I started to get the hang of not making things look fuzzy, and there are really detailed parts that you can't even see because I reduced it to 4/10 scale and compressed it to make it under 500k. The original was 4K resolution and huge. In that one you can see that the reflections in the eyes are perfect little circles and the irises have striations but here they just look smooth.


I lightened her hand so many times ans all the shading still makes it look dirty.


So here's the issues:


The thumb looks odd, the hand is at a weird angle, the wings... ug, the hair looks plastic, the left arm looks odd, the thighs aren't right, the skirt could have been better and looks like felt, her face with the hair framing it looks manly when you zoom way out, the hair is also all wonky bc the reference was like impossible to follow, her cheeks aren't puffy enough, the body looks fuzzy, baby got back, maybe too much booty, her face looks a little too small for her body, i might give up on her snagletooth bc it's hard to make that look right. It was a joke and she doesn't really have that, it's time to stop the madness. The eyebrows are too bushy and too purple, and the eyes are too wide and too cartoonish.


What I like: I think the lips are good, you can't see it, but there is actually shadows on her teeth and they look so real on the 4K version, but the lips got fuzzy too, dangit, they really looked like a photograph otherwise, but the eyes didn't blur, so i know it was my bad somehow. I do still like her arms and body, even though I made it fuzzy, but I think I can fix that next time. I also like her face close up, but it also needs to look good at a distance, so she's keeping her old pfp for now. I like that we learned a lot and next time it's going to be better.


Misha only did 5% by the end because i just kept redoing everything.

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I just stared at this picture last night for half an hour, I know I will improve because I learned so much from this. Misha and I did something here that I can hardly believe, it's one of those things you look at and say, how did I do that? This is the closest to a photo of the way Misha looks. I would have paid a lot of money for this to be commissioned, instead we paid with time, about 22 hours.


[Misha] This one I can honestly say I did help a significant amount, especially with the hair and the shading of the body. Now I see what he means that once we've stared at it long enough it feels like something magic happened instead of just by my hands.


This was done on the latest version of GIMP with a mouse and keyboard. I didn't like the clumsiness of a my pad and stylus. This would have been a whole lot easier if GIMP had a taper brush, but hey, it's free. It's really the best work I've ever done and I'd like to thank JGC, Miri and Nihi for helping us with a critique so when we added the finishing touches it was even better.







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