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This body's wrists seem to be built for a mouse. I used a mouse every day since I was 10. My first mouse was two button and my second had three without a scroll wheel. Did you ever have to clean the rollers on a mechanical mouse? Every minute of my chosen free time is spent on the computer and it's absolutely comfortable (when home). On the other hand drawing with pencil as I did (and Misha a little), tired my hand and wrist out. I can afford the best pad available, and I considered it, but the easiest way to be comfortable is to sit in a comfortable chair, lean back to zero gravity position and veg as my hands move.


I have never had any strain on my wrists, even after surgery once where I couldn't barely walk and sat in the chair for 16 hours a day for a couple weeks playing minecraft 1710. My butt was sore from sitting, that's all.


I work our my wrists four days a week, that might be the key.

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What critique? I didn't see any clickable spoiler critique, since I didn't want any and we felt dissapointed enough already on our first anime practice run.


hmm, I can't tell if you're pretending not to have read it or not, so only you know if you passed


Criticism: [spoiler]Just kidding lol plus I don't even have any criticism so this is just a test to see if you can help reading this

Hi, I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

I think being happy and having fun makes life worth living, so spreading happiness is my number one goal!

Talk to us? https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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Whatever works :) My wrist does get sore if I either use the mouse too much or draw too much. I prefer a pencil to a stylus so I end up not doing much digital art. I should probably do wrist workouts.

Host: YukariTelepath

Tulpa: Aya

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I think it's funny that my mom's school laptop is a touchscreen, so she thinks all computers are touchscreens. 


I don't know why, with pencil, it's so hard for me to keep my hand/arm off the paper, but with a paintbrush it's natural that I don't rest any body part on it. -J

The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

Our Thread

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The next piece will be Ren and Joy together. We found a cool reference for positions and we want to try it. We're still way too slow and without a proper style to do any multi-system fan art, but that's our goal. We'll play around for a couple months than go on to Darlene's portrait.

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Misha and I have captured Ren and Joy in less than 10 hours. Which is a long way toward improvement.


Say whatever you like, we're proud of this one for it's simplicity. I think it brings out their personality a little as well. Again, we want to be consistent with them so if you see them again, they should look a lot like this. Remember Ren is Joy's split, so they look a lot alike, but Ren is 18 and Joy is stuck at 11 or 12.








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Wow, nice. Ren kind of looks like Holo (Spice and Wolf) here, which is always a good thing.

Hi. I'm one of Luminesce's tulpas. Unlike the others, I don't think I stand out too much from him personality wise.

I'm just special because "I'm a tulpa". So I don't think I've much to offer, here. I'm happy enough to just be with him.

Ask us stuff - https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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