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GAT Recruitment Thread

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I'd like to note that my system is still open to working on this team, and would be more than happy to take the spot left by Clo.

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Trident is withdrawing it's application to the GAT after irreconcilable differences between ourselves and the current members of the GAT. We are not interested in working with this team any longer. We wish you luck in finding a 7th member of the team.

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Hello, I'm YukariTelepath, and I would like to join the GAT and contribute to the community here. I've been an active member of the forums since I joined, and I have a passion for tulpa creation and development methods. I believe myself to be open-minded to different approaches and level-headed in any situation. I have a degree in English with experience in writing and literary analysis, and I can provide good constructive criticism while remaining polite and considerate. I want the guides on this site to be high quality, well written, and helpful to users of any level of experience. I hope I can help in making that happen.


I'm also active on Discord and Reddit.

Host: YukariTelepath

Tulpa: Aya

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