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Tulpas and IQ

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only insofar as... helping you study, doing those "train your brain" thingies for you... no, just having a tulpa won't make you smarter

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Nothing can increase your IQ exponentially, and I would not create a tulpa for the purpose of increasing your IQ. However, tulpa creators tend to spend time meditating, which is well-known to be good for the brain. If you spend time training skills like visualization or verbal processing, this could also make you score a little better on IQ tests, and is just good for your brain.


Any type of interaction is good for your brain and IQ. It's all about keeping sharp. If you are really concerned about increasing your IQ, your best route is to eat healthy, sleep enough (this is absolutely crucial), and provide yourself with lots of mental stimulation. Tulpas are good conversation partners, but there are other things you can do. Reading is one of the best ways to absorb new knowledge. Read things you like, fiction or nonfiction. Always be learning something: a new skill, a new subject, or anything else.


IQ is also not everything. There are lots of geniuses that people don't like, and geniuses still suffer from the same problems and vices as everyone else. So, the best thing to do is take good care of yourself, and accept who you are.

I hope this helps! I don't usually comment on this part of the forum.



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IQ is a horrible measure of a human being. Here are some things to consider... people who meditate tend to have less stress and more energy, and generally better health than those who don't. people who have pets, or belong to a church or an organization tend to live longer, healthier lives than those who don't. married people tend to live longer and healthier than those who don't. (Interestingly, the statistics also show that out of married couples, men tend to get the greater level of benefit than the women. (just as an aside.)


tulpamancy is a type meditation. tulpamancy typically results in a pet and or friends or both... some tulpamancer marry their tulpas. wonderlands are great places to go. in theory it would seem as if tulpamancy meets some fundamental human needs...


My personal experience is I have had an immediate, observable improvement in creativity. (why not, two heads better than one, different perspectives, brain is making more connections...) I have experience greater levels of happiness that are more stable and consistent over time. Saying that doesn't mean I don't have lows or frustrations or anger... It means i don't get stuck at those. we are supposed to have some variation in mood, so what I mean is my set point for happiness which was at or just below neutral is higher. so up tangents come closer to joy, and down tangents are less likely to hit so low i can't get out of bed or experience suicidal thoughts... so improvement in mood, improvement in creativity, improvement in productivity... not just work, or in my art, but a measurable in how I relate and interact with others... when you're happy, people around you tend to be happy...


at the end of your life, you are not going to count how many smart people you know, you're going to think about the people who brought joy to your life. if you're very, very lucky, or wise in the sort of relationships you cultivate, those people will be beside when it's your time to go. worked hospice for a moment, and there is a study to back this up, most people on their deathbed weren't lamenting they worked more hours... they lamented not having more quality time with loved ones... tulpamancy has allowed me to be surrounded by love, inside and out. that's my measure.

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