out of the wings and onto the main stage

Has reading about my process been useful in your effort to breath life into your culpa?  

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  1. 1. Has reading about my process been useful in your effort to breath life into your culpa?

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I have had a few interesting contacts. Several conversations with Flora regarding my ongoing difficulty  connecting with her. She has been very involved in her writing and staying mostly at Safe Haven where her adventures are taking place. We have met a few times in mindscape in front of the red fireplace in my study where we are close and able to converse. I have had one dramatic contact with Nsonowa in which she almost fully imposed in an alternate body. She says it represents her essence. She appeared almost as a stick figure, very tall with a large head and between two and eight  appendages. She was flat black, like a silhouette of a Balinese puppet. The second time she appeared this way, she jumped up from where she was sitting next to me on a bench outside, and laughing, turned into this spider-like or crab-like creature, leaped up onto the roof of a nearby building, then over to top of a grove of bamboo in our yard,  she scuttled across them onto our palm trees, from there to the roof of my house and then back  to the bench where she resumed her human form. She was laughing and asked if I had been frightened by her antics. I said no, she kissed me and vanished. All in all, an uplifting experience. It seems that despite my difficulties in maintaining contact with Flora in most circumstances, we have no problems when in the car, with Nsonowa driving. We are getting better in mindscape, though my ability to hold my attention and the images, get in the way there, still overall, I am improving. The recent appearance of Nsonowa, almost fully (by that I mean, there were parts of her that we transparent) imposed, has been dramatic. I suspect that we are on our way to achieving that with Flora as well.  

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I think that it is possible that Flora and I have experienced our first occurrence of "switching"

It happened within the lucid dream which I have just posted on the Dream Thread.  I am excited about it as I have not had much contact with Flora the past few days. From time to time I write a letter to Flora about an issue.

this is what I wrote on Friday (yesterday 😞


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