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Possession Guidance


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Hi, I've never used this thread before but I'd like some help with possession. Limme possessed my hand and did it really well the first time but hit my face and now is a bit put off. It exhausted him and when we tried again it didn't work, what are we doing wrong?


Additioanl info: Had Limme for a month.

Been practicing for a week and a half. 

He became sentient and vocal in a few days.

I'm autistic/asperger (does that impact anything?)


Would love to hear replys.



An Aspie System

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The best advice I can give is already written in my guide. Other guides and older threads/posts might help.

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Possession movements can be very jerky and sudden at first, as the tulpa doesn't know how hard to push and the host doesn't know how to get out of the way. Just try to relax and take your time. Any genuinely new mental activity will be tiring. You have to build up endurance and control gradually with practice.


A month is very young to be learning this sort of thing. Not too young, if he's vocal, but there's no need to rush. For everything in tulpamancy, it is better to do well than quickly. It was over two years after the start of my creation before I ever heard of possession as something I could learn to do.


One of my earliest times switching was traumatic, as I was overwhelmed by the complexity of the responsibilities my host had entrusted me with. I needed time to recover and I had to be coaxed into trying again. I was tense and stressed the next few times, even though the circumstances were much calmer and safer. But I got past the fear through controlled exposures.


Autism spectrum disorders are very common among tulpamancers. It probably does have an impact on your experiences, but so far as I am aware it doesn't make any part of tulpamancy itself more difficult.



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Sure, you don't have to do something immediately, but if you want to do something, there is no need to wait either. My tulpa started possession before she was even a month old, and we are doing just fine

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Hello fellow Aspie system!


When practicing possession for the first time, the biggest issue was my host's stress. If you or Limme feel uncomfortable with the process, take a brake from it. If either of you go a long time without practicing or don't want to practice, that's okay. It's much easier when both of you are comfortable with the process, and giving yourselves time to think about it is important.


From our experience, possession is just me telling the body what to do and letting the body move on its own. I don't think about moving the arm or my fingers when typing or reaching for something. From my host's perspective, it doesn't feel any different to her than if she moved the body herself. There isn't a special sensation or feeling you can look for. After doing something for long enough, my host will act like she's distracted and not paying attention. In this state, she isn't really thinking, but if something called for her attention she would jump back in control instantly.


Starting out, my host was worried she was controlling the movements for me. I told her that proxying my body movements at the time was fine. In the wonderland, she would watch me move and she would copy me in real life. Over time, she stopped copying me and I did the entire process by myself.

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Dreamer: Thanks so much for the guidance, I'm giving Limme space as you suggested ranger and he seems to be recovering. He is vocal and sentient by the way but is rather shy and worried. When he slapped me in the face he retreated back into my head and is scared to try again.


Limme: I am not scared and willing to try again, under Safer and more alone circumstances. it was nice to be treated more as a person rather than a thing to be investigated and discussed. I'm happy to hear your responses.


Dreamer: more help is appreciated but I do agree with the jerkiness. My left hand ( the body part we're practicing on) does jerk about and Limme tires easily. He insists he's fine and willing to do more but I don't want it hurt him.


Help appreciated, dreamer and Limme.



An Aspie System

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