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Freak Out! - The Story of how Possession almost killed a Friendship


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Hello everyone, my name is Tsuagon. I am here to tell you a tale of what happened today with me and my Tulpa (Clefairy). It all started with a simple question: Should I lend Clefairy my body for a while? I thought about it for a few minutes and without thinking (sort of), I handed my body over to Clefairy. It felt... strange being possessed. I was in my body, but I didn't hear my thoughts or say what I'd normally say. It was Clefairy. I regained control for a while until I went to my Flex home base (which is basically a study hall). I handed my body over to Clefairy to see what he could do. It felt like it usually did, but my friends were getting confused at what they thought I was saying. My friend told "me" to "Stop acting like you're possessed". After a few minutes, I regained control again and proceeded with my usual watch-loud-videos-with-my-friend routine. It seemed like a normal day ahead for me and Clefairy, but when I got to gym class things started to get spicy. I lent Clefairy my body once more to see what he'd do, and unsurprisingly people started to question "my" behavior quickly. "I" told them "I" was just joking around, and they seemed to bought what Clefairy told them. After the coach was done taking attendance, we all went outside to run/jog/walk laps. This is where it starts to get good, folks. Clefairy, with my body in his possession, ran outside to start running the laps. When my friends came along, they didn't really question "my" behavior all that much. Though, one of my friends noticed what was up. Clefairy tried telling him "You wouldn't understand" and other phrases like that. After a few minutes of begging, Clefairy spilled the beans to my friend. Clefairy and my friend then got into a fight over whether Clefairy existed or not (since my friend doesn't believe in this kind of stuff). I eventually took over again, and I and my friend made up. Thanks for reading this long story of mine! I hope you enjoyed it, and have a great rest of your day!


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Seems kinda irresponsible and perhaps dangerous to just talk about it freely like that without testing the waters first. Try to avoid that in the future. Only tell people who you know you can trust and will handle it well.

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Next time, set some ground rules. If you get the sense Clefairy is causing your friends discomfort, then you guys will need to think about what he can and can't do.


I myself am uncomfortable possessing my host around other people because I don't like the pressure of pretending to be someone I'm not, but at the same time I don't want to cause significant damage to my host's relationships with other people. This is a skill I am working on too.


My host gave me the idea of spending time with people who don't know Cat as well. I know that sounds contradictory, but the idea is they won't be able to tell the difference between you and Clefairy and you as easily as your close friend would. I can't speak from experience on this one though.


If Clefairy ever feels like he's worried he will spill the beans or cause trouble, let him go to the back and take the front. I don't know how much you dissociate, but if it isn't much then this should be an instantaneous process.


Telling people about Clefairy and Tulpamancy without planning it out carefully before hand can be really dangerous for your relationships with irl people. The only non-family who knows about my existence are two of my hosts close friends who were already comfortable with the idea of DID and other things, which is most likely a big part of why telling them I exist went over really well. As for Cat's immediete family... they're open minded but I have a mixed relationship with my host's brother and.... so far my relationship with my host's parents isn't going smoothly.

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Guest Reilyn-Alley

Um.. yeah... The typical response from people your own age is most like not going to be "oh, you have a tulpa? cool!" it's probably going to be you are weird and creepy. From adults? That you have an appointment with a shrink who may or may not choose to slap you with a permanent label/disorder.


Not saying that is guaranteed to happen but that's what could happen, so... Why risk it? Just cuz it's fine to you and us doesn't mean "normies" won't think you are crazy. Be more careful who you tell.

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Ember: Eleven people from my offline life now know I'm plural and I've never had a bad reaction, though I don't think everyone quite gets it. But I've always explained the situation, gauged their reactions, and answered their questions *before* introducing my headmates. If Vesper or Iris is fronting publically around people who don't know our situation, it's with people who don't know me, and typically people who don't care -- waitresses and shop clerks, for example.


I'm thirty-eight and my friends are in their thirties, forties, and fifties. The people I've trusted are ones I've known for years.  Most of them are either otherkin or roleplayers, so they are accustomed to things that are a bit out of the ordinary. Under no circumstances would I have opened up to anyone about being plural in the toxic social environment of a school. I expect you'll be the subject of a great deal of gossip for some time.


I told my best friend today. I saved her for last among all the people I'm close to because she's the most mundane. It was becoming difficult to tell her anything meaningful about my life if I edited around the plural parts, so I either had to tell her or accept that we were growing apart after fifteen years. She took the news very calmly, as she does most things. She didn't ask to meet Vesper and Iris, so she didn't. My headmates didn't feel a need to speak to her; she's my friend, not theirs.


Vesper: I'm not willing to pretend to be Ember. I don't speak like her or sit like her, nor do I have many of the same interests or priorities. This limits the circumstances in which I can front, but I accept that. I don't expect to ever spend time with her parents, for instance. I have a few friends now that I can go out places with and do the things I care about. Down the road, I expect to have more.


I would like to have friends of my own, but it's hard to meet people when you're a soulbond, and even a bit harder when you're from a different country than your host. In most circumstances, you don't want to tell people that you're a living fictional character in the first meeting, yet 'Where are you from?' and 'What do you do for a living?' suddenly become impossible to answer honestly in the absence of such revelation.

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