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This is the list of guides that the GAT is reviewing or going to review. Feel free to add your own input or critiques on the submissions, even if you're not on the GAT.


The list is currently empty.


GAT members: AZ, Breloomancer, Osaka, Ranger


3/16/19: Created log for transparency, Foghorn Meditation's review period ends by OP request, How to Refocus on Your Wonderland goes up for review

3/30: Moved "Refocus...Wonderland" to the bottom per OP request, How to Switch goes up for review

4/15: How to Switch review period ends, How to Visualize in 1st Person goes up for review

4/18: "How to Dissipate a Tulpa" added

4/22: Visualize in First Person approved, Simple & Straightforward goes up for review

5/12: Simple/Straightforward approved, Vocalization Practices goes up for review

5/25: Vocalization Practice approved, Refocus/Wonderland moved to bottom per OP's request, Easy guide/hear your tulpa goes up for review

6/11: "Easy/hear" review period ends, "On Forcing" goes up for review.

6/17: Reviews put on hold.

6/26: Refocus/Wonderland removed from list, review counters added

7/16: Reviews resumed

7/27: Added "Hour Counts"

8/28: "Topics" approved

9/12: Removed "On Forcing"

9/16: Removed "Dissipation" and "On Tulpas"

9/17: Hour Counts goes up for review

10/5: On Forcing moved to articles, Hour Counts approved. Chadack/visualization and tulpas/mental disorder added to list.

10/8: "Mental disorder" goes up for review.

10/12: Longbow's guide added to list

10/23: "Mental disorder" review period ends

10/30: Longbow's guide up for review, Wonderland RPG added to list

12/1: Longbow review period ends. Chadack removed from list. Wonderland RPG goes up for review.

12/17: RPG review period ends.

Update (1/31/20): TimerBunneh explained a long time ago on Discord they are no longer interested in finishing their guide. Their submission was removed from the list some time after their review period ended.

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