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What does your tulpa(s) look like?

What does your tulpa(s) look like?   

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  1. 1. What does your tulpa(s) look like?

    • An animal (Pony, daemon, etc.)
    • A Human (or humanoid)
    • Anything Else (please post a description)
    • Original Character (OC)
    • Fictional (including media, anime)
    • No fixed form (including shape changers, formless)

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Lee is an original character, humanoid, and a happy accident. He was originally created as the antagonist of one of my future novels, but eventually became so real to me that he began following me around and speaking to me. My boyfriend was the one to point out to me that he was very tulpa-like, and upon researching it, I realized that Lee did, indeed, fit the description of a tulpa. So here I am. Lee appears to be human, but essentially, he's the Antichrist.

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Exactly what the title says! Animated pictures, drawings, and anything of the sort to help people get an idea of what your tulpa looks like. Just thought it would bring us and our tulpas/tulpae all a little bit closer (sorry if this is in the wrong section).

-->Do attempt to scroll to the right-->

This is an almost perfect representation (before she she was visualized more realistically) of Cynthia when we are in our wonderland doing fights or something similar.



Didn't realize the picture was that big Q.Q


(Image size reduced in accordance with Rule 1.2).

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Guest Anonymous

Threads merged. Please use the search function before posting.


Ashmo, if I could request, please use the report button for this. The repeated thread qualifies as spam. Just provide a link to the older thread when reporting the new one and they will be merged.


Relating to the topic, my tulpa is for the most part a normal absol:



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They look human and more or less like the following pic.




On the left is Marina Riviera and she is a biodroid.


On the right is Alisia Nighthal and she is a vampire.

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Thunderfall is a pegasus pony. Initially he was an original character for forum roleplay, with a personality very similar to that of pretty much every character I have ever created, which made me realise that said personality must be very important to me. I have often used his character as a kind of comically-mismatched roommate in some Ask Me threads, so once I decided to create a tulpa he seemed the most logical choice. Here's an image of him by my kind-of-sort-of tulpa mentor if anyone's interested:



Thunderfall (goes by Thunder)

Male human



Female lamia

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Despite what I posted elsewhere, which seems to represent an amalgamation of 'true form' and symbolic masquerade, my tulpas have apparently been average humans thus far.


However, if I was to take the subconscious parahuman disguise at face value, they could be interpreted as ephemeral shape-shifters with propithecus predilections (or similar basal primate forms). It's like a crazy The Planet of the Apes meets Cat People crossover directed by Jim Henson.


95% of the time, though, they just look and act like the disembodied memories of real people I've never met. I honestly don't know which is more disconcerting.


Edit: I've since managed to disentangle human form from elf-monkey chimera, which are all I choose to foster now.

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I have no clue how to describe Raz he picked the form and I have no clue what the hell it is.At first he was a albino human for a while but he informed me that it looked terrible now he is a.....black....thing....with two sets of eyes...and is quite creepy and cute at the same time.....I think I'll leave someone else can put a label on what he look's like.All I know right now is he's humanoid.






''I mold my imagination as if it were clay''.

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