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What does your tulpa(s) look like?

What does your tulpa(s) look like?   

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  1. 1. What does your tulpa(s) look like?

    • An animal (Pony, daemon, etc.)
    • A Human (or humanoid)
    • Anything Else (please post a description)
    • Original Character (OC)
    • Fictional (including media, anime)
    • No fixed form (including shape changers, formless)

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Lucy is a girl in her early twenties with shoulder-length copper hair and gray eyes. She's got pierced ears but no elaborate earrings, just the small shiny balls (no idea what they're actually called). She's taken to wearing a purple flower behind her left ear, too. She wears three thin bracelets on her left arm and has a chain on her jeans (which was fashion like six years ago but both she and I like it).


I don't have any art of her, since my drawing skills end with stick figures. I'll ask one of my friends to draw her sometime. That'll help visualizing, too.

Lucy is my only tulpa to date. I 'created' her on February 1, 2015.


(Why the airquotes? Well, I'd been talking to someone in my head before that but always assumed that person to be male...then I found out she wasn't.)

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Lots and lots and LOTS of humanoids, hm..


Mine being a female anthropomorphic albino rabbit, with a liking for simplistic pastel gothic clothing.

"The number of minds in the universe is one."


- Erwin Schrodinger


[align=left]Kovie uses yellow text

Vyx uses red text[/align]

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She loves changing forms but her current form is in the attachment.


f l y h i g h.

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At this point, Ran is 6'5 with messy black hair and pale-grey skin. His eyes are a teal color and his fingernails are retractable black claws. He wears a dark-grey t-shirt and black pants with boots that add a few inches to his height. Teeth-wise they are slightly sharper, with his canine's being faintly pointed. I'm hoping to upload a reference picture ASAP, but I hope this is a decent enough description lol

Me speaking to Ran is blue

Ran speaking to me is mahogany

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Has anyone played the legend of Zelda games?


My Tulpa Chaia looks like the small ball like fairy :D she is round she glows and flies around :3

Tulpa: Chaia

Friendly, sensitive & funny female human

Not vocal yet


*4th January 2015*


~ may the FORCE be with you ~

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My tulpa Edwin is a tall, slender but built guy around the same age as me (late 20s). He dresses like a nerd with red thick-rimmed glasses, collared shirt, a bowtie, slacks, loafers, and occasionally suspenders. His hair is short and dirty blonde, usually done up in a faux-hawk. He has erect rabbit ears of the same dark blonde color with black tips and a small rabbit tail that's the same color on the top and white on the bottom. He has brown eyes, freckled cheeks, and slight buck teeth. <3

[align=center]"Jesus Pickles!"

~ Edwin reacting to pretty much every jump scare in a horror movie[/align]


Avatar was made by me using a base.

My DeviantArt Account

Progress Report

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Has anyone played the legend of Zelda games?


My Tulpa Chaia looks like the small ball like fairy :D she is round she glows and flies around :3


What a cute name


Since child I always dreamed about having a companion through my life and after playing OfT and MM 8 years ago I knew a fairy like Navi/Taya/Tael would be perfect

Then discover about tulpas and I instantaneously decide that form for Rose




A 3-minutes rudimentary gif I just made for the record

Maybeee the design changed a little bit, but the concept is the same :D

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Small skinny hairless humanoid,smooth coal black skin, two heads shorter than me, with big vertical standind koboldlike ears.

Animalistic feed, thin slicked back horns in place of head, that make the back of his head resemble an artichoke,

face looks a bit like a combination of a toad, human and cat with big yellow eyes.


Wears a lime green loincloith and a hat fashioned after a rolled searose leaf.


It was all patched together rather spontaneously over a longer time, so I guess its part his part mine choice.

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Lynn is very anime like,She has lush long black hair and her skin is milk-ish,Her body is a petit women figure.


For her clothes,She wears vivid red blouse (Formerly White),Black denim jeans and black shoes.That's pretty much it for her form,I attached examples below. ^_^



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Lord Tourettes

Mine is Lord Tourettes from the YouTube series, D!ck Figures. In case you've never seen him, he's a green stick figure with a pointed hat. I am OBSESSED with him, so I couldn't help but make my tulpa based off of him. cx

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