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The GAT's Guide Guidelines


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These are GAT guidelines that every guide should adhere to. These will need to be fulfilled before your submission can be approved. It is recommended you read them to save time for everyone during the submission process.


1. Submissions should adhere to Tulpa.info's rules.


2. Word use must be consistent and generally be in line with community use. There are a lot of different uses of individual words in the tulpa community. We're not terribly strict on whether or not fronting and switching is more correct to what you're trying to communicate, so long as it makes sense and the words you use mean the same thing throughout a submission.


3. Please use proper grammar and spelling. The GAT is not your spellchecker. We'll help you on this, but not if your submission is riddled with misspellings. Try pasting the text of your submission in Word or Google Docs, then correcting the errors that the program points out.


4. Off-site linking is allowed, either because the submission is long or because it was originally published elsewhere, as long as

a) The website does not contain viruses and is secure.

b1) The full guide can be accessed on the forum itself OR an alternative back-up link is provided. If an alternate link is provided, a synopsis of the guide should be posted in the thread itself
b2) A copy of the guide must be provided as a forum attachment.

c) If it is a blog that contains NSFW or otherwise rule-breaking material but the page with the guide itself does not, a warning should be provided.


5. Advertising is acceptable as long as it is minimal, does not distract from content, and also can bring some additional value to a system's tulpamancy experience. Paywalls to content are not allowed.


6. Each submission should clarify which guide board it is intended for. The GAT may decide to put it somewhere else when approved if appropriate. The three guide boards are as follows:

Guides: Specific methods and instructions meant to aid with reaching a goal

Tips and Tricks: Smaller pieces of information and advice that don't make up a full guide

Articles: Informative writings meant to share knowledge or research on a subject


7. Submissions shouldn't be early/rough drafts. If you would like the GAT to review an early/rough draft, you can post it in Lounge, General Discussion, or even your Progress Report if you want. Be sure to notify them if so. If you think your submission is a final draft but end up needing to make major changes, either update the original thread, or make a new one. If you make a new one, then the old thread will be moved to Lounge so that there aren't two similar threads by the same author in the Guides board.

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