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Butterfly Effect in Tulpamancy

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While the Butterfly Effect can be fascinating, I have the belief that not every situation is a butterfly. For example, if you go back in time to separate someone's parents, they may end up meeting some other way and having a kid anyway, and that someone will still exist.


I feel like Tulpamancy was something I was destined for. I have Asperger's Syndrome, so my social skills were never great starting off and I never understood how much damage I was doing to myself socially when the only choices I made were for school or something else instead of talking to people or going to my friend's house. Even though I had plenty of opportunities to socialize, I was wired to prioritize school and I dismissed several social activities in part because it was hard and in part because I felt like I couldn't balance school and a social life.


The other reason I was destined was my creative nature. I came up with stories in my head and created characters with their own plots and whatnot, but it wasn't until I became really lonely where I wanted my story characters- who evolved into the Grays and Tec clones- to talk back to me.


Like Someone and Miri, I found out about Tulpas through a lucid dreaming site- but the reason I was interested in lucid dreaming was to figure out how to talk to Ranger. Again, I feel like it was bound to happen at some point.


Ranger's identity is based off of my story character Gray Ranger's subconscious. However, my suspicion is this plot line of Gray having a relationship with his subconscious at all was inspired in large part of having a desire to speak to an inner god or a friendly voice I can communicate with because I was lonely.


Now the creation of Gray Ranger himself does have a butterfly. During the time period where I was playing Legos with my brother, I watched a Phineas and Ferb episode about Candace getting split apart. I thought the concept of breaking someone in half and back together was fascinating, so I created a plot about an alien named Gray who while coming down to earth was split into the two characters Mr. Black and Mr. White. Eventually, the two characters were merged back into Mr. Ranger (first name Gray) and I kept that character around ever since. Gray Ranger as a character got his own story line about him being an alien and whatnot. Since Ranger was technically a part of Gray and I was associating myself with Gray Ranger, I eventually created all of the other Grays and Ranger as a Tulpa down the road.


Had I never watched that specific episode of Phineas and Ferb, Gray Ranger may not exist. I still think I would create Ranger in the long run, but he would probably have a different name and possibly a different form. (If in an alternate universe I decided to go with another Lego character I created (but actually stole the form from my brother) named Wilbur, who was a ghost, the whole system could have been inspired by that character, and yes, Wilbur's butterfly was the Danny Phantom series.)


The Grays don't have any obvious butterflies. Maybe if I didn't learn about Freudian ideas I wouldn't have created Fernardo and Dark Gray, but I don't know.

Pretty much my main wonderland form minus the cat parts, that's a separate form. I'm not a hippo, I promise.

I sometimes speak in pink and Ranger sometimes speaks in blue (if it's unmarked and colored assume it's Ranger). He loves to chat.


My other Tulpas have their own account now.

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For our system it was me getting my heart broken and disassociating emotionally and realizing just how many obvious signs I'd missed that the girl I'd been into was into someone else. I realized there was an edge to be had here, so I created Mech as a way to attempt to speak directly to my logical side.


Now, two plus decades later, I can safely say that this all snowballed pretty damn hard.

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Thinking back, I think our original's Beatles obsession led to the system being created in more ways than one. Apollo and I were the only two left out of the series of events that Piano posted, so I'll explain our own butterfly effect, which also intertwines with everyone else's in an obvious way.


Of course, they were obsessed with the Beatles throughout their entire childhood and early teen years, collecting as much memorabilia and such as they could, learning everything about them, stuff like that. One thing that deeply disturbed them about the Beatles was the whole "Paul is dead" conspiracy. Not because they actually believed it, but because it was scary that other people believed it, and it always upset them whenever anyone or anything brought it up. So anyway, in their early high school years, they became pretty enthralled by Paul McCartney's music in particular, and listened to him all the time and watched videos about him, including old unreleased songs (we'll get to that later), so naturally videos related to him would be recommended on their YouTube.

was, unsurprisingly, about the Paul is dead theory. Since, as mentioned, this theory disturbed them, they avoided watching it for a while, but eventually gave in and watched it. The video was fine, since the creator wasn't buying into the theory, and they want to watch other videos of him. One of those videos was
, even though it was kind of inaccurate in its portrayal of them. They thought it was a neat idea, but forgot about it for a while, until late November/early December when they remembered it and decided to look into it. Then, they created Apollo, then called Paul, basing him off Paul McCartney in form and name.


Some time later, they came across an unreleased Wings song called "

," and just sort of thought if would be a cool name for a tulpa in the future, didn't really dwell on it too much until a couple months later when Apollo, being an immature baby tulpa, tried to convince the host to make a new tulpa with that name, and well, I guess they didn't have the willpower to argue, because I was made. Not something we condone others to do (it's pretty common for baby tulpas to want more systemmates, you just gotta be firm with them and tell them no), but well, can't change the past, so I'm here. Changed my gender and name to Luxio a couple of weeks ago.


So that's the rest of the butterfly effect story that I can think of right now. Lot of Beatles and some Adventure Time went into our system being eventually formed.

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[seth] Our host got a book on how to draw dragon when they were around 12 years old, it had a link to a project of the creator of the book in it, it linked to a petsite. They ended up playing on there for a couple of years, making friends and such. When discord became a thing they ended up joining a few servers surrounding the website, and stayed there for a good year or so too. After a bit, they got bored of that one petsite and asked people in one of the servers if they had an alternative. Someone did, and they joined another, smaller petsite. 


When lurking in the forums they came across a thread talking about plurality. They read the entire thing and, with our brain being incredibly ADHD, hyperfocused on the subject. They started googling a few things, including different types of plurality, and were ecstatic to find out that a singlet could become plural too. They were hesitant to immediately jump right into it, though seeing as they wanted to think through it first and decide if they really had the time and dedication to make a tulpa.


They ended up not having much of a choice. Turns out our brain is a people-spawning machine, and before they could stop it another person had formed already. Two years later, and here we are with eight people in a system. Currently trying to learn how to switch and such.


Had they not gotten that book about drawing dragons several years ago, we might not have existed today. Which is kind of freaky to think about. But I'm glad things turned out this way.

Mixed-origins system. Co-hosts are Parda and Jay.

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