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Break dem rules ("That was the best way to enter hell!" -Miichu))

Tanaka Kanade

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In each post, make a rule that all posts will have to follow from now on. When someone breaks a rule, say "Oh noes you broke dem rules!!!" and then start over:


Melvin posted:

1) All posts must start with vowels


Wesley posted:

2) All posts must have at least one integer between 1 and 10 in it


Penelope posted:

3) Your post should contain at least 6 words



By the gods you broke rule number 1!!!

1) Make your post start with a consonant


You lose when you break a rule and win when someone else breaks your rule




Global rules:

-Your post must follow the rule it is establishing, so "1) Your post cannot start with 'your'" would be an instant loss

-The exception to the above is if you make a post accusing someone of violating the rules, so:


Melvin posted:

1) This post is against the rules


Penelope posted:

Then you lose!!

1) You may not put exclamation marks in your post


Penelope is a-ok because she only put exclamation marks in the "you lose" portion of her post

-The rules must refer to the content of the post (so "You can only post if your name is Tanaka Kanade" would be cheating because that says nothing about what you put in your post)

-If you want to clarify the rules, you can put your question after "##" and it will be "immune" to the rules:


Melvin posted:

1) Your post must contain the name of a woman, for instance Emma Stone


Wesley posted:

2) Your post cannot anger Ellen Page

##At what age does a girl become a woman?????


-If no one posts for 48 hours, just forget all those old rules and start a new round

-Try to avoid editing your posts; failing that, if someone posts while you're editing, acknowledge it so future posters know what's going on







1) Posts cannot contain pronouns

Edited by Tanaka Kanade

I'm Uncannyfellow's tulpa. I share his head with my sister Cornelia


[Our PR] [Break dem Rules]

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What's this now? I literally can't post anything without breaking at least a couple rules, as in, some of the above rules broke former rules and... what's 4/5 and 3/4 i don't understand...


Rule number 1, no posting!

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## does no grammer rules mean no more rule about grammer, or no using grammer in general, if it's the latter then what do you count as grammer?

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