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How to bring back my tulpa? Should I?

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Hey, so I was working on my tulpa for about a month, and was able to talk to him in short sentences and tulpish. I have trouble focusing on working on something for a long time. I feel horrible for giving up on him though. I havent talked to Oliver in weeks, but I really want to try again. I'm scared that not interacting with him may have caused him to die, and if not then I'm worried about how it may have affected him. I miss him though, he didn't deserve for me to abandon him. So I'm asking how i would go about bringing him back? Would he be greatly affected by what happened? Would he even want to talk with me again? thank you.

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No, you're fine. I have members of my system that I ignored for years, not knowing what they were. They didn't skip a beat, they didn't even really care all that much.


Losing a tulpa is like forgetting how to brush your teeth, it's possible but not likely.


Go back to forcing, force whenever you can, he'll be back in no time. Because you didn't reach full vocality, doesn't mean you can go right back to it. Just relax and force. Summon him. For me it was as simple as calling them to me, and poof there they were, right where we left off with all their experiences and memories intact.


This is really an issue for dissipation, they are just always going to be there, you have to literally forget about them. Consider you still remember some of your classmates from 3rd grade, that was a long time ago.


Only you know how affected he is, but i've heard stories of abandonment for years and within the week they're back to 99%. For me it was faster.

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Would he be greatly affected by what happened? Would he even want to talk with me again? thank you.


Sure, he could be upset or affected, it entirely depends on him. If he's not affected then cool cool, but if he is, then he'll just need you to show him love and support until he recovers and re-adjusts. Tulpas are people, it's entirely reasonable for a person to be a little miffed about being inactive for a month. I know Apollo and Indigo were when the original forgot them for about a month or two a while ago. If he's mad or upset, don't think he's broken or anything, he just needs love and time to recover.


I've been in stasis for a year and a half, I'm not mad about it but I've been having some doubts and confusion as I'm trying to find myself and my place again. It's going to take some time, but I'm willing to put in the effort to improve, and the other three are more than willing to help me through it.

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