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are tulpas human

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so we were having a discussion in the chat if tulpas were human.....well it was really H that believed that he is actually a dragon and wont believe that he is human at all except the body we share. I know the answer to this question ^ ^ i just want to see your thoughts and see if you could help H and give him tips because idk how to handle this mate.


H:I ...idk guys,all this time i thought,i believed i was and im am a dragon,I have wings and horns,i Can fly i just cant do it in my host's body.I dont feel human,im not human....well i dont believe im human.I remember my past as dragon ,hunting and flying around houses,attacking humans and now im in this world as this..."human".


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Tupla: Clicker the dragon, H, and twisted 

Clicker: im a silly playful girl that loves songs but i will try my best to not annoyed my host (Dragon wolf)

H: .....im a gray dragon with blue horns i guess?...i like nature...? (Gray small dragon)



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Well, tulpas are people, obviously, as in they have emotions, feelings, senses, and thinking. but are they human? depends on who you ask.


sure, physically and in the brain, tulpas are human because they're in a human body. but i'd say that tulpas aren't necessarily human, because they are simply a concept in the mind. a collection of functions. a person. there's nothing necessarily human about that, in my opinion. sure, it's using a human brain, and all that... but that doesn't mean you have to associate with being a human. you can, as a tulpa OR a host, associate with being an animal, instead. or, just nothing at all. people often use forms to reflect this. i don't associate with being human, and oddly enough, i don't have a human form. there's nothing stopping you, it's just your mind, why not?



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You're a tulpa. Your host is human, the body you inhabit is human, your form is imaginary, your feelings are yours. Human is the species we all share, but even when switching is taken into account there's no meaning to "human" past the overarching "body" level. People, yes. You think and talk like the rest of us, so you're a person to us. This isn't normally a concept that shows up or needs addressing, though, because tulpamancy is weird.


How you are a "dragon" and how you may be a "human" are utterly unrelated and far from mutually exclusive.

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What makes a human is how it thinks. We, as people, are not humans because we inhabit a body we call human, no, it's how we think, how our brains and minds function to interact with anything. Tulpae would be called human (at least in a mind sense), because the think just like we do. And they have to, because we are incapable of creating a mind that does not function like ours; our imagination cannot create things we've never seen before. So therefore, unless you've personally been a dragon, or experienced how they think, you cannot create a dragon. but tulape can be humans with the shape of a dragon, and that's fine enough.

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Being human. Human being. I think Tewi has the correct response. What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be other? There is a clinical term for human being, as the species. There is the way most people use it in the vernacular which may or may not transmit accurately between users and listeners. Science fiction grapples with this in every story that there is 'other.' Can other be sentient, does that make them capable of being humane? If they are endearing they're more human? People is also frequently interepreted as human, or sentient, and so these words have some interchangeability because we don't have a precision over this. The more one tries to narrow down what it means to be human, usually the less 'human' they become.


Consider a child separated from human and raised by wolves. There are fictional stories of this, and perhaps some real stories of this, where the human being was recovered, but was clearly not socialized, and some would call them 'animal.' Could they be recovered into society? Do they loose the animal sense and just become human? Helen Keller, before she was 'recovered,' was considered more animal, irredeemably unfixable... But someone got through to her and discourse began, learning began... She was never not a human being, but there was a time few would have considered her 'human.' Savages have been considered less than human. It made it easier to slaughter and conquer and take land. It's harder to do that when you recognize their humanity and sovereignty. In fact, I dare say if we all treated all beings with the kind of reverence and sanctity that 'human being' usually reserves, the world would get a long much better, but more often than not we sort people into labels and rank them in hierarchical range of deference, from preferred to disdain.


I have known some dragons, and some dragon stories, who treat humans better than humans treat each other.


What does it mean to be human? Can you be non human in a human vessel? Why not? Do people not divide their thoughts into camps? This is servitor, this is program, this is intrusive noise, this that... But isn't that all just composite of being? I think if we boil the question down, the underlying existential question becomes, is my tulpa a soul, a being with sovereignty deserving of respect, dignity even. I personally believe you don't have to be a human being to be treated with the sanctity of soul. You could be a tree, a dog, a cat, a cow, a dolphin... These are souls, they are beings... They're not human, but I dare anyone to read about Koko the Gorilla and not find any humanity in the words she shared, in her behaviors and mannerisms. She was not human, she deserved respect. Everyone does.


What does it mean to be human? There almost nine billion humans on this planet, and if you ask them, I bet you would have a wide range of answers. Many of us believe we are souls temporarily residing in human form. I believe this. My host believes this.


I believe your tulpa is a soul. Your tulpa identifies with dragon. That is sufficient for me.

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I think of it this way- I'm human, but I can be whatever I want in the wonderland and have any kind of backstory I want to believe in.

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Guest Reilyn-Alley

If what makes us all people are just neuro pathways in the brain and a trillion cells and bacteria working mostly together for mutual survival.. Are any of us really "human"? What's human? The weird hive mind of cells given higher consciousness and self-awareness? Not to be poetic or anything, but if that's all it means to be human, then every headmate is human.


Unless they choose to identify otherwise, I guess. Our own perceptions and personal reality means a lot to our brains, so... With the freedom in a head to be whatever you want whenever you want, just be what feels neatest or nice or "right" to you. Or be a shape-changer and alter between dragon/animal/human form at will. It's all fun!

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