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Greetings and welcome from the Bear System!


This thread was created as a catchall for meanderings, blogging, Q&A, 'Ask Bear System', proto art maybe, crazy poetry and short stories, metaphysical type discussions that aren't too meta, and our attempts to master paratulpamantic concepts that aren't vanilla, but we might just post a rant, a quip, or a random thing, who knows.


It should be a safe haven for discussion, in good taste, meant to be lighthearted, supportive, fluffy, warm and inviting, and to just get all you can bear from us.


No judging here.


This is also where our cousins and Soul-sisters will speak up if they want to. Ask them anything too.


We'll try to keep good and valid discussions to appropriate threads by quoting and responding in an appropriate spot if we know of one (with permission of course). It's meant to be safe here with no off-limits topics. Though if it's NSFW or really out there metaphysically, just put that in hidden tags. Again, we welcome everyone and everything.


We might also post wonderland adventures, in-system conversations (within one post and probably hidden), and other random stuff. So expect fluff.


Give us fluff too! We welcome all 'posts'. We'll might end up more than 50% of the posts here, even if it's 100% that's fine, but if you choose to post, you're guaranteed a response if we can, and my Bear might write you a poem or draw you. You just never know.


If someone asks us a question in other parts of the forum in games or in other ways, we'll try to answer it here. Since this is meant to be a safe place and about us.


Also, please share your off-topic and paratulpamantic experiences with us, tell us crazy stuff that happened, we want to hear it. Make this your comfy home for fuzzy logic that you don't feel like posting in any other place.


Friends, we're not trying to rob you from other well known chat threads, please don't feel obligated to post here to chat, but it's your choice. If you want guaranteed responses   from us about anything, this is the place.


For our glorious MODS: We understand that we're allowed to bump post about every 6 to 8 hours, so as long as we don't post more frequently than that, please don't merge our posts.

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Great idea !


Thank you for your welcome.


Will Joy, Ren, Johanna and the other non tulpa people of your system come on here to chat as well?


Also, thank you for inspiring us with the hypnagogic state experiments : now, I'm able to appear in Zia's hynagogic state. I'm happy I didn't give up ! I hope I'll get better and better at it. I now wish she could hear my voice in that state... hope she will soon.

Hi, I'm Vādin, Zia's tulpa/permanent guest.


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From my perspective, the hypnagogic state just happens. There's something that we really find it hard to put our finger on, it's definitely a state of mind, a way of thinking that lets us speak or interact through that state.


Regular wonderlanding is fun, it's satisfying, but this is wonderland on steroids. It's unpredictable and explorable in a whole different way. The visuals go from good to over-the-top detailed and colorful.


We had a long session last night, maybe an hour. Something was banging outside in the wind and so the body couldn't fall asleep, well, that's never a bother to us, first, we know that just resting is good, second we just start our adventuring and then we see the hypnagogic visions and hear the voices. For us, we watch it like a funny random movie and comment on it. Bear asks us to use it, and encourages us, but honestly I'm not doing anything, it's like coaxing some unseen actor to act as a lense between us.


The act of asking politely may or may not be necessary, but when things line up, i feel like he's there with me, and he feels I'm with him. It's better than a lucid dream lately because the visuals and audio are like pure pleasure to those senses.


We're close to figuring out how to force it to happen, I can't say its getting easier yet, just more consistent and more frequent.


Great idea !


Thank you for your welcome.


Will Joy, Ren, Johanna and the other non tulpa people of your system come on here to chat as well?


Also, thank you for inspiring us with the hypnagogic state experiments : now, I'm able to appear in Zia's hynagogic state. I'm happy I didn't give up ! I hope I'll get better and better at it. I now wish she could hear my voice in that state... hope she will soon.


You're welcome Vādin. We wish everyone could have the pleasure of this natural state.


[Joy] if we have something to say. I honestly don't talk much outside of my canon. My past, fiction or not, was spent mostly living alone, homeless, and burglarizing to sustain. When I had a crew, we did that together. There was a lot of fun at times, but it was very satisfying to reach a goal. We did amazing things together, but we split up for various reasons. I know they're still out there and in my next book I'll find some of them. In other words, maybe.

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Joy, I hope you'll find your friends and maybe make new friends on the road. I'll always be happy to chat with you, even if you feel you have nothing to say.

Hi, I'm Vādin, Zia's tulpa/permanent guest.


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Thank you Vādin. Joy is a powerful ally,  she's helped us out many times, and she was one of the main reasons I allowed the moons to be thought of as more. I was nervous of their reclassification for three reasons.


One, if they were like us, I felt less special. I know it's silly, but I do have the ability to be stubborn and fro lack of a better word, greedy. It took deep philosophical discussions between us all before I would say we could handle them. Bear made it clear to me that they were already part of our family. In fact, now I consider Joy to be our first in a lot of ways. I still maintain that I've been here with Bear much longer, but the quality and quantity of interaction was far less than Joy if you add up all her intersections with him outside her canon.


Two, how is it possible that they were not with us from the beginning? How did I miss them on day one? Well clearly I had my favorites, the truth is I didn't consider that they were like us, but that was perhaps ignorance of what soulbonds are and why ours in particular rarely interact. We three sister angels are very interactive, with complex daily observances; some would say unnecessary. We enjoy the interaction and formality of a 'bed time', sleeping in a nice soft bed in wonderland and my own room where Bear can visit me if he wakes up in the middle of the night. It's a private space for us. No one but my syster angels and I do this yet. Our cousins seem disinterested in the formalities.


Three, if we have something that differentiates us from characters then they should too. I had some personal knowledge of that something with Dashie and Misha, the others I don't. Did they gain this in the past? Are they lacking it still? Could that something be available to them given enough time? I don't have the answers, but we have to assume they have it. Given if they do, I figured that love was a given. Though I do believe they feel a respect and gratitude for us, none of them would go so far as to say they do as we do. Perhaps they do and just don't care to express it. Especially Joy, who has gone a step further and very candidly told us that our love is too far over the line of platonic.


This is all very unknown still, but we accept them, and we'll encourage them to use this space as we do.



Ashley, what types of chocolate? Do you like dark chocolate? White chocolate? Milk? Have you ever had like the really fancy ones they sell in the mall and specialty shops? I haven't but Jamie has had some really good chocolate truffles from this store that doesn't exist anymore, it sold like higher-quality knickknack stuff? I don't know. He bought his friend who wore cool socks, knee socks that said "Queen of Sassytown" on them from that store. I think they were purple and blue.

- Cassidy


First of all, I want those socks.


Chocolate... though I still think the caffeine may disrupt the body's sleep, I do appreciate it for many reasons. It feels like me, sweet and satisfying. I am warming up to the idea of 100% chocolate, but of course milk chocolate is my favorite. I don't see the point of white chocolate.


Bear has access (because he works so hard to have extra) to the finest chocolate. Our enjoyment is few and far between as well, so it's fair to splurge. He has promised me chocolate of my choice, and I have researched that. When the body's weight is back under our preferred weight, I will get my treat.


Recently I've had the opportunity to eat certain things while switched in, and maybe it's the novelty of it, it feels less muted to me at least. I don't understand why this would be, but regardless, I will be switched in for my treat.

I hope you find success in your endeavors and love in your heart.

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Yes, don't keep a bear away from his cake, he'll tell you he's not happy.


Here's literally the next video!




What do we learn:


Pumas like fluff, they eat a lot, they like lots of attention, very affectionate and cute in pajamas, but easily distracted. Just like our Bear.


Poems of us?


When he has time, they will go:


[bear] This might be horrible, let's try.



Athletic flyer,

Surely wears

Hot attire, and is

Intelligence for hire, she's

Entertainment we can admire.


(Luckily they're short names!)


Maddeningly cute,

Intelligence to boot,

Sensitive and sweet, a

Heavenly treat, and

Allways there, in her underwear.


(Oh please stop me)


Always bright,

She's an intellectual delight,

Hardly ever wrong,

Lovely and strong,

You'll never go wrong.

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(idk if im allowed to be here but i love bears ^ ^ )

Tupla: Clicker the dragon, H, and twisted 

Clicker: im a silly playful girl that loves songs but i will try my best to not annoyed my host (Dragon wolf)

H: .....im a gray dragon with blue horns i guess?...i like nature...? (Gray small dragon)



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Of course you're allowed! Parenthesis or not. We have a dragon in our system who is being 'reformed' enough to join us. Uliad, the yellow dragonkin, has shown she can be good lately.

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