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Hiya! Our symptoms weren't bothering us much either, till they were. And like I said, I wasn't saying those things were the case with you, Bear. I just think it's interesting to compare your experiences to some of the ways the mind has been known to stray a bit from what's neurotypical. Brains are capable of amazing things.


And besides, I've been to a doctor who specialized in DID and was told it came in a spectrum and we were on it. That's what our insurance was billed for and what our records say we have. All it did was confirm suspicions for us though. Unfortunately this mess comes with a lot of doubt and denial, as it's meant to be covert even to the main fronter, so the mind does logical gymnastics and invents reasons to feel invalid, on top of (and despite going through) the day to day mess.


Anyone can read the DSM-V and start to notice how many criteria they meet of something, seek a specialist in that and get a professional opinion. In the mean time, self-study and speaking to peers can be a huge help. Questioning and research are steps to improving the qualoty of life. Doctors don't have to live with thatever is going on every hour of every day like their clients do. That can be a far better path to proper treatment than years of frustrating confusion, misdiagnoses and ineffective prescriptions. If someone has a condition, they have it if a doctor agrees with them or not. Yes, they can be mistaken and should listen to the professionals but you can just hop from doc to doc and may eventually be told what you want to hear anyway so they aren't infallible.


A diagnosis is a clinical tool, a step towards proper understanding and treatment, not meant to define or limit someone. Unfortunately, there's a lot of stigma attached to being diagnosed with anything, especially males, in our society. Which is a load of rubbish.


Why should someone be ashamed if they go see a doctor about the flu? A broken leg? Depression? Doctors and therapists exist to help people get better from what's ailing them, though they are just people too so some can suck at their jobs, it should be nothing to be ashamed of. Nobody is 'weak' if they got a bad hand in life and didn't just heroically let the whole thing bounce off them, unphased. Even heroes get PTSD and such. That doesn't mean they are weak or broken, it means they are human. Believe me, in support groups I've talked to a lot of people who have gone through their own personal hell and the side effects don't just go away. People can learn to accept horrible situations as 'normal' or even desirable in a sad way, due to their grasping for stability and predictability. But they don't have to. They don't have to be alone and they don't 'deserve' to keep feeling like that.


Tbh, anyone who feels they aren't enjoying life should probably go see a clinical therspist/counselor/social worker. Better to chat safely and maybe be told they are just going through a tough spot and that's normal than to suffer with something like dysthymia for half their life. Even those same therapists/etc often go to see therapists because they know the value of detached observations and outside opinions.


Anyway, lecture over. How are you guys?? It's been awhile! We have been.. more or less ok. Hiccups, but they tend to not bother me or even be remembered a day or two after they happen (thanks, emotional amnesia). I sprained one of the body's wrists while at work. On a bit of an involuntary vacation till it heals up, which it is on track for. Work is still paying us tho (good benefits) so it's ok.


The docs have us set up for an MRI soon and physical therapy just in case it's needed. Having it no longer injured vs able to rapidly lift up to 40lbs for up to 6 hours, 5 days a week and operate stiff industrial equipment controls are quite different, after all. Gotten pretty good at one handed typing on phone or swiping or voice to text.


Ran out of time, gotta go do a thing, sorry of I left half of a thought or a big mess here. Love ya guys! Looking forward to meeting everyone I haven't yet!

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Yay welcome back bestie! Brings back warmth seeing your posts here again. Hope we see you soon again!

Hi! I'm one of the most active fronters of Unicorn Cavalry. I like timey wimey stuff and blue boxes. Make it timey wimey blue box stuff and we're set to explore all time, forum and space!

My system mates on here: Kurisutina, Udongein, Xarbern

Cbox, the chill chat room

Our Journey (Messy PR)

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Three Sisters Play Space Engineers As Intended, Episode 18


Bear left us alone again, he was there watching but didn't make a peep we didn't authorize, so that's cool. I let him 'pilot' the refinery, we put a set of thrusters on it for stability so it wouldn't get knocked and drift away, but they also allow it to be moved under it's own power. He appreciated that. Maybe the next run he can be trusted to do something, probably not though because this is meant to practice not getting bugged by him.

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That ship looks ready to take on stuff.

[Matsuri] Oo cozy interiors! Also, space capitalists needs capital ships, y'know?

I really just want to see more space ships

Hello, my name is Kurisutina. Part of the Unicorn Cavalry system

Other's from this system: Matsuri, Udongein, Xarbern

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Well the forum is migrating as early as tomorrow and it's going to take until the 1st or so, so that means we won't see anyone until next year as soon as that starts.


We'll be here till the end because Bear's only working one job thru the 30th anyway. Though the hours are still long because why not? (Bear logic)


Misha is still on Reddit u/MishaShyBear and Joy checks her Discord @Joy#3071 on, Tulpa Central, and Tulpa Chat


Otherwise, goodbye till then.

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