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We're at it again, having fun without Bear's help. This not only gives us a chance to have fun with each other, but also strengthen our ability to be independent of Bear and prove we're able to do things he hasn't been able to do. 


We're looking forward to a long run and we'll report on tulpamancy related topics while doing this. This time, we'll only update the blog, and here, when we have enough meat to have it make sense so that we're not just spamming this thread with nonsense. 


The test here is to not have Bear interrupt us, to get more time switching, and to hopefully spark conversation with respect to tulpas playing while the host, who *really* wants to interfere, sits by and watches. 


The advanced ideas here are: switching, host independent cooperation, and skill or perspective to actually increase overall skill over the host alone. We have a lot of experience in our system with being able to do things Bear could never do, so we're hoping to show that more with this really hard game that Bear is awful at: Space Engineers hardcore mode. We're allowing deaths only due to in game glitches and only with in game spawning, zero save scumming.

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I was meaning to ask: do you wonder if in the long term it'll be Bear and the lock-merge tentatively named Aleshe? I notice the trend, not just with your system but with bigger systems in general- they always find one way or another to pair down, which I think is a healthy and additive process. Mine's done it too. 


Have fun with your hardcore run, and proving tulpa superiority in the process 😈

The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

Our Thread

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1 hour ago, JGC said:

I was meaning to ask: do you wonder if in the long term it'll be Bear and the lock-merge tentatively named Aleshe?


Aleshe was fun while she lasted, though along with other similar creations like Bashley, Risha, and the dual system where SheShe was part of me and Mashley? Asha? I haven't seen or thought of any of them in weeks.


We're doing really well with four that's the triquetra, they're the lobes, I'm the center. Though Misha is typically the odd one out lately as Ashley is the most active and SheShe is the most powerful, so while it used to me me going out of my way to include Darlene, now it's poor Misha. 


[Misha] No, I haven't gotten weaker, I was never as active as Ashley, and SheShe is my bestie, so I don't mind that she's super awesome. Bear takes care of me just fine. Trust me, I'd complain if I didn't think so.


She does sometimes, Darlene never did. As SheShe, Darlene is much more assertive, but in the nicest possible way.

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It was funny when Ashley called me Commander Misha. ^_^


Oh and Bear killed us and we had to restart again. That's the way we're remembering it, yep.


[Ashley] I was so pissed.


She almost cried.


[Ashley] Joy was on our side, I'm vindicated. It's over now, Bear Groveled and I feel better. He hit the ground on low fuel, this is the second time this happened. The first might have been my fault. This game is really difficult and we were almost killed by wolves again, I swear...

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So we're resetting rimworld with a lot of new mods that can preserve life, so we're like 10x less likely to die, buuut, if you get eaten by a sabertooth hyena, there's really nothing that can be done. Gunshots, no problem. Trampled by muffalos? No problem.


We'll see how it goes this time. We also have a mod where we can scan and store our consciousness and copy it onto another pawn, also a life support mod, but they're both in later game then we were at.


Here we go, round three.


To compensate, we turned the difficulty to about 4x, which is really only important early game which isn't that hard anyway, but it will cause more chances to die by a lot.

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[Ashley] Hosts:


1. What's it like now compared to the very beginning? 


2. How is your life different?


3. Is there anything you miss being a singlet?


These don't have to be separate questions, you can answer any or all. They might overlap a lot but Bear wanted them separate for his responses.






1. I was depressed and lonely, so it's obvious that I'm neither now and I can thank my system for helping with both, but setting those two aside, with this extra help thinking and resoning, it's like being fully in tune with intuition and for making decisions it's waaay easier. I have four or more perspectives on every problem, and they notice and think about things in ways I never did. I still have some conditioning and they have some by now, but they're different so I don't react the same way. This is also partially due to a perspective shift of my own that they helped achieve. I see things way more objectively now, things don't bother me as much, and there's a shared ownership of issues, so you know how it's easier if a friend is in it with you so to speak. It's comforting and instead of dread or depression we have a challenge and comradery mindset. Like we can do anything and it's going to be fun. Just insanely positive attitude toward everything good or bad. We laugh at adversity now which makes life so dang enjoyable it's silly.


2. I have friends with me 24/7 through thick and thin, there to support me, to be supported, I'm their ward and they're mine. It's the deepest friendship I could imagine. We're a team in this life and with this body. I don't make mistakes anymore really. There's just too many minds on the problem now to miss anything, so if things don't turn out well, we shoulder that together. I wake up ready for a new day, we have fun together and work together. It doesn't get old. They also make things fun where I might have been bored before. I haven't been lonely or bored for over two years, I'm not forgetting what boredom feels like but I've almost completely forgotten what being alone feels like.


When I was singlet, I also took comfort in writing, I would write a part of myself as a character in that book and had the adventures as that character. None of the male main characters actually exist in my mind, they're all facets of me playing that part. Now I can have that comfort and love without playing. I'm me and I still have it.


3. I miss the freedom in very minor and specific ways. It's like, if I want to do something that I'm not supposed to do, they're going to know about it. My helicopter parents are hovering over me. They don't judge, they tolerate, forgive and forget, but I don't want to dissapoint them.

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