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I'm not banned yet, so the shit posting continues.


I said that I'm shit-blind. I can't tell regular shit from the stupid shit.


[Ashley] he can't,he really can't, but in this case, we have no idea why that picture triggered her into basically calling Bear a baby.  


[Misha] Bear is Bear is Bear ♡♡♡ We love all the Bear.  


[Joy] She's not just saying that, she means it. Misha is a Bear fangirl.

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1 hour ago, Yakumo said:

I wanted to make this but then found it - on reddit

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In essence, they're ableist. 


1 hour ago, Sabari said:

Did... did that bear fall from the sky and make an impact crater?


You gotta dig down to get to the comfortable dirt.

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