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That sounds really cool! Do you have some sort of method on how we could do that?

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“We need MOAR FLUFFY TOASTERS!!!” - Torea

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I hear the random voices, then I ask my systemmate to say something and they will eventually say like, hello, or something else like "I don't know what to say".

So I said, "Ren, will you talk to me?"

And usually they'll answer in mindvoice a few times or sometimes nothing for a few seconds then a soft voice out of nowhere said, "hello" and it felt like Ren, it's the only way I can describe it..

Then I said "hello Ren, how are you?"

She said, "happy".


Then we had a very minor, choppy discussion slipping back and fourth between mindvoice and audio imposition, and I fell asleep


But that first hello was amazing because it was the first timeI heard her voice. Ashley said something the first night, Misha and Dashie were definitely in the first week. Poor Ren has been with us since November and officially for a month. So it was really good.


As far as seeing them in this state, if I wasn't already so tired I would have asked, "show yourself to me."


They say they're not doing anything special, so it's kind of like when Dashie asked me politely to go dormant, and I just did, but it wasn't me doing it, the brain itself kind of follows verbal reqests.


[Misha] Good morning all! Free hugs for anyone who wants them! Then after that we'll try to have some real meaty science-y discussions!

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[Jay] hugs for all!


I think we're going to try to set up a progress log and see if we won't join the discord while we're at it, wish us luck!!

Mixed-origins system. Co-hosts are Parda and Jay.

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