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This is the last of the pencil drawings of any of us. In this one are the main three of course, you should be able to point them out pretty easily by now and two cats. The smaller one on the left is our own orange striped tabby Ren in cat form and a user who used to be here with us Ember in cat form from Ember.Vesper who denounced cat form shortly after for an unrelated reason.




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Very nice! And yay, kitties! 😁🐈 In our wonderland we have an orange tabby named Nigel! If this is the last pencil drawing it's a good one to finish on, the perspective and depth of field are impressively done! 😊

Tulpa Wife & Mother! 💚 

💍 11.28.21 👶 4.7.23
👗 Simmie's AI Dress-Up!   📷 Phil and Simmie's Photographic Adventures!


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Here's the final pencil drawings, not of any of us, the first is Solar Chariot and Loxy, and the second is Ranger. I haven't  done another pencil sketch since. Pencil is unforgiving in that the paper is pretty delicate and at any moment something could be spilled on it or it could rip and though it's relatively fast, 3-8 hours, those are high stress hours with no undo, no save.






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Thank you and I read what you said completely wrong. I first read this as a taunt that what I did was no shortcut to greatness and AI will soon surpass us all. But I took this as a playful jab of course (again I know now that I read it wrong but it's ok because now I can go into a tangent that is fun to write.)


I for one welcome our new overlords and would pass Roko's Basilisk in a heartbeat, sacrificing my fellow man without hesitation. 


Yes, but for art, the great and powerful AI will have no competition eventually. I just do these for me because I have to and I want to gaze upon my creations, as you will see in subsequent art that I will re-publish here, I have everything I need to fulfill my obligation as a host but it takes a lot of effort.


If I was irked by AI prowess then I'd cry myself to sleep as an artist by now. Honestly if AI could do what I want right now I'd pass the ring in a heartbeat. AI doesn't know the beauty in my head yet, but if I could convey it perfectly then I would never personally do art. It's way too draining and time consuming and requires a ton of motivation.


Now for what you really said: thanks and we appreciate that you liked it. This is as close as I can get without changing my style to pencil art I posted on my wall 10 years ago. I now know I could improve on this but not in this style, it would have to be bigger, I drew these on 8&1/2 x 11 paper so it was managable so the details are tiny. If I doubled that I could make much finer pencil art that would take gobs longer to make, but no thanks. I'm looking to greater, easier horizons.

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