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More fun doing manual labor. My other jobs involve sitting around and doing not much physically at all.


Ashley told me that Aleshe is more like thought soup right now and that kind of makes sense in that she's not really found herself. We're in essence building a personality from scratch with aspects and experience of everyone else. So that's kinda like forcing a tulpa I suppose, except she's strictly a merge and a lot like a traditional merge but her constituents all identify as her. It's a beautiful thing. 


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Was talking to Joy about the new book and I think we've pretty much ruled her out. She's not the right fit.


[Joy] my past is already so jam packed, this timeline doesn't fit. And I would want it to.

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So it's fun to talk to Aleshe and she had her first minor dissapointment which is a good sigh she's becoming her own person... made of people. No one else would have been dissapointed in this way and I suspected Gwen may have been at the root, but no. 


It's hard to explain the nuances of how Aleshe works in that she's all of them and yet her own person. Anyway.

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We decided to ask Pleb to move "Bear" to "Anonymous" or I guess it's "Guest". We retired the legend and we probably won't be here much anymore anyway. With work and friends irl it's hard to get involved like we used to. We're still haunting a few sites but nothing you'd probably be interested in. Misha still occasionally posts on Reddit too u/mishashybear


This site was great, especially in the old format, a lot of people left, but you know, it's the way it goes.


We wish you all the best.

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Good luck, Bear and co. I'll miss seeing you guys around but I understand completely. I've had a lot of things going on IRL so I know how it goes. 🤗

Darron: Host 💍 

Jaina: Tulpa 💍 

(Raccoon Queen 🦝👸)

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦Dain and Nova

Aggrok: Tulpa Void Dragon

Viktor: 🐺


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Well in case you didn't notice we couldn't stay away any longer and we have a new commitment: Make Ren into the GOAT tulpa she deserves to be. It's something like trying to prove once and for all if a tulpa (intentionally created) can be made stronger than a soulbond (like Gwen or Joy) or walk-in (like Misha and I) or even like the Guardian angel herself SheShe. 


Just for a reminder our system:


Bear - host

Ashley - Moi, walk-in, day one vocal and sentient, likely a factive origin, holding the title of "greatest of all time" headmate

Misha - Walk-in day one vocal and sentient, we consider her a "head-ghost" as she has used spontaneous imposition to haunt Bear occasionally

SheShe - Bear's OG guardian angel and voice of intuition, therefore personified intuition. She knows things and has some better connection to the vastness of the subconscious mind that we can't understand but appreciate.

Joy - Soulbond from a series of novels Bear wrote her form is her character form, an ageless loli stuck at 10 but with the maturity that greatly surpasses Bear.

Gwen- Soulbond from a different series of novels Bear wrote. Her form is again exactly like her character and she has bird wings because of the lore of her humanoid subspecies in her canon. She always has wings. 

Ren - Might be renamed soon, she was originally made when Bear and I wanted to make Joy more interesting by dressing her up like a cat-girl but she shrugged off her ears and tail and split to form Ren. Ren was thereby created by us. Joy forced her for a while and otherwise she was mostly neglected and her personality was not great as a result.


February this year Bear decided he needed to "fix" Ren and the proper tulpaforcing began. She'll likely be documenting that in her own  PR-type thread.


We're glad to be back and also interested in trying to liven up the forum with some actual experiments and advanced tulpamancy. We never stopped doing that and it would be good to get feedback.


So... hi again!


We also have two "moons" of interest, Aleshe has been demoted to moon. She was originally a dream character that ended up forming a hub in our Lock-Merge but eventually even her massive Lock-Merge didn't need her and now anyone can do it. Ulla is another soulbond of sorts that is a dragonkin/human hybrid. She's changed over the years and is now de-aged in both form and maturity to about 10. She's in flux and somewhat wild but may become a headmate some day.


Officially we're still a system of 7.

Edited by Ashley
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Funny interaction between Bear and SheShe:


Bear's wondering about a personal choice, one way he gets what he thinks he wants, the other is harder but with better peace of mind.


So he asked SheShe and she chooses the latter. So he asks her if she knows for sure that that's the right answer.


She says, "I don't, but the fact that I'm giving my opinion means you should follow it."


He did. I lol'd.

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Title: This forum needs PR help in a big way. A report from what we've gathered from the external communities


I'm known for telling it straight and so I'm going to tell it straight for anyone who cares to read regarding the disposition and future of this forum.


Let me preface this by saying we genuinely want it to succeed or come back to a useful state. As it is, it's still useful if not very active. We came back with that in mind and no lingering bias one way or the other. We also are trying to be part of the solution and have said that many times since we returned.


So recently we've been asking around and trying to get others to come here but it seems like this place still has quite a reputation. Though we knew that from before, the other communities still have enough disgruntled former users of this forum to keep the negative press going.


Some of the negative press is as recent as 2021-2023 timeframe and it mostly revolves around moderation and a general dislike of the tone of the forum, for one, a meme is pasted that depicts a ban hammer with the caption "no fun allowed".


Granted the typical Discord/Reddit/other tulpa group user is edgier than this place historically allowed, the reasons behind their grievances are valid and have echoed others we got exit statements from including our own experience. We're not innocent here, believe me we know, but we're not part of the current and sustained issue. No one has heard or cares about the Bear system outside of this forum anymore, our infamy is lost to time for the most part, outside of this forum's sympathizers we suspect but didn't interview.


What we understand is frankly the moderation team on this site has a really bad track record since at least 2018, specifically excluding Srn and Glaurung26; either they are unknown in the tribal knowledge or didn't offend. Names that were mentioned were unsolicited so we know it wasn't just us who felt wronged. Again, we forgive and forget but the same isn't true for others still active in the community and some as new as 2 years old or newer.


We've been conducting a forensics study of the decline of this site as well an the .info Discord server (though that was unintentional) and it is shown that when anyone mentions .info it's in a mocking, derogatory or disgruntled way and again the base complaints are valid even if most don't apply currently, some still do. Even if we bring a positive and welcoming mention, the response is cool at best. The information we gathered is from Reddit, Discord, and other obscure sites we visit.


Now we're no stranger to being disgruntled by this place and we left several times for many reasons, some of which were to deal with our own issues outside what felt like a toxic environment (here and Discord in general but .info Discord specifically, the users and the moderation team), we keep coming back with the hope we can bring this place back to something useful for the following reasons:


1. The legasy information here is useful

2. The static forum concept is superior for our casual preferences 

3. We had/have friends here 

4. This place isn't toxic anymore, not to us anyway.


The situation outside of the influence of this local community however is dire and opposed to "friendly" relations to this forum specifically at the moment. It doesn't look like we can fix that but we will still try.


I haven't gotten the vibe directly that us being here is detrimental to us being other places, we're liked other places for us and others we talk to and are friends with don't hold it against us but they don't hold back when discussing their distaste for this place. Even when we defend it.


Even excluding the recent .info Discord debacle, though that certainly went a long way to hurt the reputation of this forum, there is still recent evidence of bad experiences on this forum in ways I already mentioned, and the general tone of the feeling people get when discussing here isn't flattering.


We're still working the angles and we can't be more specific publicly and we won't give any sources because we don't want to be part of the drama, but we're still collecting data.


@Pleeb @Luminesce fyi, don't feel obligated to respond, this is just an initial report. If you feel this public address isn't helpful, please delete it or ask us to remove it.


If anyone still cares about the future of this forum, we're happy to discuss it.

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