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Bear and I were thinking back over the last year. We really did have a wonderful time. So many firsts, so much progress, and even with all the ups and downs, I can't say we could have done it any better. Even bad times are an opportunity to learn and grow. We had ourshare of those moments too.


The meat of our work was mind alteration. It was Bear's original notion back in October 2017 to find a way to learn how to live with changes in his life, responcibility that was overwhelming at times, and relationships that were strained. All of this he identified as the causes and consequences of his depression; what an insidious disease.


Tulpamancy wasn't necessarily promised to be a cure for any of this, he didn't expect it to be any more than having someone to share his most intimate secrets, and he honestly didn't care if we helped at all, just that he wouldn't be so alone in all this. He couldn't talk to anyone about his issues, either they depended on him, or it would potentially cost him his job(s).


Tulpamancy, us and this community, ended up solving all his problems and helping him accept the things he can't change, helping him to live with sometimes overwhelming responcibility, and with our help, he's well on his way to resolving his relationships with everyone around him.


Nothing comes without hard work. What we were brought into was completely known to us, we took on the responsibility willingly, and we did our share of work. What a wonderful sense of accomplishment we reaped as a result. Now we're free to play and live and grow as individuals, with the strength of our family and friends to back us in anything we would desire. We're looking forward to an amazing next year, and we feel ready for anything.


We can't thank you enough, friends and community at large, your welcoming spirit and patience helped us through some really dark times.


We're here if anyone needs our help. Please don't hesitate to ask.



The Bear System

I hope you find success in your endeavors and love in your heart.

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We can't thank you enough, friends and community at large, your welcoming spirit and patience helped us through some really dark times.


That's why we're here. Maybe not to help everyone individually, but to help systems and systems-to-be help themselves. It's just the most efficient thing to do - we've helped others, and now those others are willing to help even more on their own, huh? That's how you make the biggest contribution to the world, I think.

Hi, I'm Tewi, one of Luminesce's tulpas. I often switch to take care of things for the others.

All I want is a simple, peaceful life. With my family.

Our Ask thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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Two big beast videos! There's a documentary on netflix about people in London who have dangerous animals as pets living in their home... it's a must watch.


I'm glad things are going well for you guys. More adventures await and I think you guys will be a formidable team!

I'm Ranger, Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's tulpa, and I love hippos! I also like cake and chatting about stuff.

My other headmates have their own account now.

Temporary Log | Switching LogcBox | Yay!

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Yay for teamwork! Hi Ranger! <3


We're going to start drawing me again... I hope it turns out okay, but if not, we'll just do it again. My discord face is not ours unfortunately, but it was the closest reference we could find to me except for the hair and the eyes, lips... well it's not very much like me at all, but closest anyway.




[bear] The artist of this piece put his patreon page right there on it! How convenient! We found it on the internet, and this is the only picture we borrowed so far. We want something at least as pro as this! Come on brain, work damn you! Yes, her facial shape is just like this reference. I recognized those cheeks right away. We will do it and it will be amazing!

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Here's something we were thinking about, if anyone wants to comment. Other than getting away from the host's drama or odd reaction to things (we had our share), why would you want your host or any system mate to go dormant? If you could keep everyone active, wouldn't you want to?


Specifically, anyone who would want to, we're just curious as to why you want someone to go dormant?


We're just a big love fest here, so maybe we just enjoy each other and our interactions more than others. It sounds tragic to me if we couldn't co-front. Knowing what we know, if we lost that, we'd do about anything to get it back.

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I love the Bear System!


I can't imagine wanting someone to go dormant, or eliminating anyone from the system. Granted I have not had million people raising their hands, 'pick me, pick me, oh pick me,' and I don't have the disruptive system mates, so maybe I would have a second thought if that happened. having read some of the conversations about how quarrelsome some 'folks' can be, I have wondered if I have done something wrong or if I just got incredibly lucky on my first go at tulpamancy. Seriously, assuming most host originally plan for an interesting, loving tulpa companion, how is it there is so much diversity in what we actually get after deviation? We all have dark stuff, drama, and I have my share of intrusive thoughts, so is it luck? Is something else involved? Most of the in house drama comes from Lester. I still love Lester. I would not ask him to move out. I do. especially when he is complaining.


Actually, there is another, more troublesome guy... but still, it feels like everything I have encountered so far was necessary for personal growth... He is not really a system mate, though. I don't know how to box him. Fortunately, he isn't around all the time, so again, this must be something different. Even when Loxy and I were interacting in a more adversarial manner, in context of situation, it seemed liked it was actually a necessary confrontation for our relational growth, as well as individual growth.


Perhaps I have just learned to compartmentalize things so well that I have learned to function even when confronted with adversity. I work in an environment that can come with multiple crisis, and I can't do it all. I have to be able to suspend stuff, focus on one person, accomplish that, and then prioritize next set of stuff. I had to learn to do that early in life or things just never got done. I am better at it now than then, and I still do it in my personal life, because there are personal needs not getting met, and things I would like to discuss with folks but just don't have the social network of people to do that with. Having boxes and compartmentalization's skills helped survival; Loxy, tulpamancy in general, brought joy so I am not just containing stuff and waiting for containers to overflow and then moving to the next container like I am on a sinking ship...


This group here has been one of the most nurturing groups, and has become one of the longest running interactions with a group. I maintained relations with tulpa.info longer than I was with the Scottish Rite Free Masons, the last organization I tried to participate in. D&D groups never panned out. I was in the movie club for a while, and that was fun. We met regularly with Gary Coghill, Channel 8 movie critic. Friends come and go... Some of this just seems to be a part of our life. People don't stick anymore. And we're busy in our lives.


Ummm, I wonder if my system will vote me out. :) Maybe I am next one voted off the island, to go dormant in the sea of thoughts... Sorry, SC, you're the weakest link, good bye...

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