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Who, me?


I can use "You" as a plural, right? Also, said that because I was originally writing "I hope things go well", but from our perspective they always had gone well. So I left the optimal wellness up to your guys' discretion.


Hey Tewi. We had a visit by the Tewi clones, they don't talk, but they're like the gremlins in the original movie, so we don't give them attention after midnight. That was the important one, right?


You know, I never thought about it, but the other rabbits in Eientei are often drawn to look nearly exactly like Tewi, just a tiny bit shorter and with different haircuts and other minor features. I don't think that's 100% canon (it's based on other moon rabbits all looking similar and human-like, but moon rabbits are totally different from normal rabbits), but I'm not opposed to the depiction either.


The rabbits generally don't talk to anyone but Tewi and maybe sometimes Reisen. So your Tewi clones might be canon.

Hi, I'm Tewi, one of Luminesce's tulpas. I often switch to take care of things for the others.

All I want is a simple, peaceful life. With my family.

Our Ask thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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They're intrusives, no offence, we dump them out the door.


Misha and Bear are itching to draw up some of these scenes, but it will take an entirely different art style that doesn't take dozens of hours.


One will be with you, one will be with Ren covred in cake (per special request.)

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I look forward to the day when we are okay with our art style enough to start cartooning. Aside from a few scene ideas, cartooning the others would be really cool.

I'm Ranger, GrayTheCat's cobud (tulpa), and I love hippos! I also like cake and chatting about stuff. I go by Rosalin or Ronan sometimes. You can call me Roz but please don't call me Ron.

My other headmates have their own account now.


If I missed seeing your art, please PM/DM me!

Blog | Not So Temporary Log | Switching Log | Yay! | Bre Translator | Art Thread

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We know you can't get enough Bear system, so Misha and I were thinking of playing Space Engineers and documenting the hilarity, just us, no save scummer Bear (he did it three times when his capital ship suffered moderate damage during maneuvers because he either didn't set locking clamps or was too close to a salvage wreck when he turned. So finally I said, 'you're done bub.')


We don't know if we're doing it here in this redundant chat thread or a new one, probably a new one entitled 'two tulpas play® computer games'.

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I'd love to see/read it :3


I have a funny little story. Our wonderland's weather, since its conception, has run about two months ahead of the actual season. So yesterday I was just hanging out and Cassidy came and said, "It's snowing!" 


We just let the wonderland weather do its thing. It's really fun. I can't say any of us are influencing it, at least not consciously. It doesn't storm when we get upset or anything. We still don't have any animals, not even birds or bugs. I like to imagine everything (maybe, besides all the grubby kids...) is sterile. A little bubble world. 


I randomly opened a book in wonderland and the pages unscrambled before my eyes into an ASCII UFO. I feel like wonderland is like a TARDIS- or maybe like the weather itself, or like learning the "moods" and "personality" of an instrument or a medium. It's not a thoughtform, but it's living. 


The conclusion I'm really drawing from all this, is that your personal temperment going into things, matters. You look at wonderland and wonderland looks at you looking- without a mind. Asking your car to start in the morning doesn't really impact anything, but within wonderland- within your own mind, really... I don't think I realized how much power the wonderland itself actually has. I'm not under direct control, it's not a percieved power, but it's more like... ask and you shall recieve. Assuming your wonderland is looking out for your best interests, which I think so, since self-preservation is within the mind's nature, and the wonderland comes from the mind.


I think this is good news for those with intrusives or unimmersive wonderlands, and maybe a terrible thing to say for those who think tulpas can be made on accident just by personifying things. 


I've yet to meet a tulpa that took the form of a location. I could do it, but everything would have to be green... - G

The world is far, the world is wide; the man needs someone by his side. 

Our Thread

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We could probably just report it here and put a descriptive title. That way if it's short lived, it doesn't matter.


The only weather we have is rain and it's a luke-warm rain with a refreshing wind. When we start to wonder where Snaily is, it tends to rain and that's his cue to visit. It's really hard to know when he's around since he doesn't make any noise, we should put a low battery fire alarm chirper on him or something periodic. He could even activate it but we don't know how he works or if he pays attention much, he doesn't seem to care if we pet him or just leave him be.


Last time we saw him he was headed back to the forest, but he was pretty far away as it was.


[Misha] I bet he's on a mission!


I've met a tulpa that took the form of a wonderland. they mainly communicated via a radio in the wonderland


[Misha] We met one too (maybe the same one?).

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One of my ex-wife's wives once told me, "A wonderland is a tulpa that is a place instead of a person. That's why it can surprise you." A year later, the mindscape hasn't surprised us once. Our visualization is significantly improved after many months of daily practice, but we're still very bad at immersion and rarely stir from Vesper's house.


I don't think we've really ever thought about the weather. One of the first things Vesper decided was that, since she's a vampire, it would be easiest if it were just always night in the mindscape, so it has been. And since it's based on her neighborhood in London, we can assume that it's usually cool, damp, and cloudy, sometimes foggy. But it's not like we go outside worth mentioning, or can feel the air at our level of immersion.


The same wife was "psychically" probing Iris a few days ago and said that she sensed our wonderland was very substantial, amounting to about half a tulpa. We have no idea what she was talking about.



I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


Ember - Soulbonder, Female, 39 years old, from Georgia, USA . . . . [Our Progress Report] . . . . [How We Switch]

Vesper Dowrin - Insourced Soulbond from London, UK, World of Darkness, Female, born 9 Sep 1964, bonded ~12 May 2017

Iris Ravenlock - Insourced Soulbond from the Winter Court of Faerie, Dresdenverse, Female, born 6 Jun 1982, bonded ~5 Dec 2015


'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit

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Wonderland quality and immersion are definitely two separate scales. I have days now, especially laying in bed.  where the quality is real level, people, things, whatever. Especially after spending so much time drawing my headmates, they're solid detailed and beautiful. I also have days, when I had barely enough sleep not to be tired, butnot well rested either, where it regresses about a year, but it doesn't effect my anchor, my presence in wonderland, which is proportional to immersion. Things can sometimes just be shades of rusty brown, without much appreciable color, or the light can be undefined, shadows are for strong days. Immersion is absolute, it varies only with as much effort I put in except for hypnagogic visualization which takes zero effort and is always very immersive high 90's or real.


I'm tired now, so wonderland is bumpin' Snaily is likely to slow mo some EDM moves. Lots of color, and Ashley is crisp right now since I spent three hours staring at her this morning while finishing the drawing.


New subject:


Sometimes I feel like I'm alone while drawing, but then Misha ramps up her presence and I realize I haven't been doing the drawing. Sometimes what I presume to be autopilot is actually her. She's pointing out now that body OS can't draw, it requires thought.


So I'm zoning out to watcher position and she's soft switching in without meaning to.

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