how do you make a servitor?

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I've just now learned about all the different kinds of thoughtforms, and servitors especially sound super useful. I read a few threads but i still don't really understand how you'd go about creating one. 


For instance, two types that are appealing to me are alarm clocks and ones that remember specific memories. How would you make an alarm clock even work? Say i want to wake up at 7am every day, do i now wake up at 6:59 and spend the entire minute puppeting the servitor to wake up the body and if I do it enough it just happens automatically? Thing is, I myself don't understand how or why i wake up at specific times without physical alarms so how am I supposed to create something that does?

ollie writes in this colour!

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Hi Meltie!


Well, this forum rarely ever talks about servitors. I looked for a servitor guide and I found one, but I don't know how up to date it is. I also found one mention of servitor that has a tiny bit of information. (see hidden)


From what we know, it's just training to do a thing. So you have to repeat the process over and over until it's more or less automatic. Some things make sense to me, but other than self-hypnosis and strong belief, I don't know how I would make an alarm clock.


[bear] I have managed to 'wake up one minute before the alarm consistently many times in my life. the first of which was when I had an obnoxious alarm clock. better than 90% of the time I would wake up one minute before that horrible alarm so I didn't have to be startled out of sleep.


Other times was because I was really worried about getting up on time for a job or other event. Somehow, the stress of waking up late caused me to wake up on time perfectly.


Good luck!


[hidden] method involves employing puppeting/parroting to a healthy degree for a tulpa. It’s generally common knowledge that too much parroting lands you not a tulpa, but a servitor -- essentially a doll.


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Servitors aren't a "thoughtform." They are symbolism attached to some desired mental habit or effect. The way you would make them would probably just be to imagine some symbol and think/meditate on what you want it to do for you. As long as that use is within reason, it should work to some extent, or at least it might. I'm not sure about the alarm clock thing, but you could certainly try, just don't forget to turn on your actual alarm clock.


In the past, we've attempted to make a button servitor that would make our fronting stronger, though we didn't really use it. Just to give you an example of a usage. Basically anything you can reasonably attain with symbolism in your mind. Symbolism doesn't really work for us, personally.

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