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On 1/3/2022 at 10:01 PM, Ranger said:

You're the first system I'm aware of who claimed they switch differently based on who is switching with who.



Our Luna wanted to weigh in on this:


Do not discount the influence of affect in switching. Many forms of plurality, especially traumagenic ones, report certain affective triggers to certain persons coming to front involuntarily, especially startle or fear. Affect is just the bodily material principle of emotions, and different persons within a system have different degrees of sensitivity to certain bodily sensations. Fronting is not merely becoming associated with volitional movements, but also the autonomic responses and senses of the body, including the internal sense of affect that is combined with concrete experience and thought to form emotions. We find that our sensations of emotion at front become starkly sharpened, but this is much more to do with sensitivity to affects that are already present than whether or not those experiences are present. For example, I am irascible at front moreso than the other two, and Murk experiences practically no startle unless physically touched while fronting and reflex takes over. Conversely, Murk is largely unable to take front under the influence of adrenaline, but I swim in that sea.


My conclusions after observing and experimenting within our own system are that not only origin, but degree of similarity in how each person fronting perceives those affective systems may account for this. Murk and I are far more distant than his "Eli" and I are in terms of our relative experience of distinct affects, and the symbolism of physical contact is a way to rapidly bridge that distance. Those two do not need it, as they share far more of the affect of joy or pleasure even educed just from co-fronting.

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