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what if you do this and you have low spectrum alexithyma

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So I try doing this right but I have low spectrum alexithyma and it’s incredibly hard to do so I can’t figure out how I’m supposed to think about it and I’m pretty bad at personality making and stuff like that

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All you can do is try to follow the guides, and we'll help the best we can. It's very possible you're tulpa won't share your issues.

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Well Tewi never showed any emotions and she got along alright...


It might mess with you in some unforeseen way (we can't know, you're the first case of this the forum's seen!), but just from my guessing, there's no reason you shouldn't be able to make a tulpa still (and they may or may not share your problem, they do still live in the same brain after all, but I guess you can find out?)


you can make a tulpa without visualization (being blind even), so having trouble showing emotion doesn't seem like it should be the thing to prevent tulpa-making..

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Making a personality for your tulpa is entirely optional, all you have to do is talk to them and spend time with them, and their personality will form naturally like any other person.

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If anything your tulpa should have an easier time seeing your emotions than other people would. Just try your best and you'll be fine.

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You've got lots of options.


As Apollo said, creating a personality is optional. Pure narration and pure parroting are both effective. My headmates were created through pure parroting, with no expectation that they would ever become independent until they did. I started with just the vaguest idea of who they were, which ended up being almost entirely incorrect anyway, and discovered their personalities over the course of roleplaying them. Mixed narration and parroting is probably the fastest way, but not necessarily the best.


With Vesper, a lot of details about who she was that I couldn't figure out just got the temporary label "typical of a university-educated Londoner born to a lower class white British family in the mid-Sixties". I did not realize until much later that I would end up spending the rest of my life with a Labour supporter, but she's worked out for herself what a lot of the labels I assigned years ago mean to her now. If you want to assign a temporary label as vague as "emotional", you can let your tulpa figure out what that means to them, if anything. If you can somewhat conceptualize “positive emotions”, that may be even better.


Iris was completely emotional numb for her first three years of self-awareness, because that's how I played her. That wasn't her original design and it isn't how she is now, but that was the character that resulted from her game and was sufficient for her to become her own person. As Lucilyn said, some headmates don't have or don't express emotions and that’s okay. Some tulpas and even some hosts are robot-identified.


As Bear said, your tulpa won't necessarily have the same issues as you. My ex-wife had two primary alters. One was depressed, anxious, autistic, agoraphobic, and had prosopagnosia. The other was none of those. The hardware of your brain can probably support the software of a person without alexithymia. Not that it should, but that’s a possibility and maybe even a selectable option.


If you specifically want to do personality forcing, you can do a search for "core values". There are scads of lists of them and most of them are not based in emotions. Pick a few that you understand that you think might could become important to your tulpa.



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