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General Review Guidelines

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These are guidelines that the GAT follows during reviews. They're not all 100% required, so it's sort of like a reference they can look to when reviewing.


01. Reviews should be written in a polite/pleasant way while still delivering the full critiques necessary. It's okay to get a little heated as long as it doesn't go overboard, though. Being insulting to the author, however, is not.

02. GAT members should strive to organize their review in an intuitive way, such as by making sure everything is written in the right order. They are also encouraged to mark which of their critiques are more serious, and which are more nit-picky.

03. When approving or not approving, one should always provide their reasoning. If not approving, explain the sort of things the submission needs improvement on before it can be approved, even if it's that the submission needs major changes. When approving, GAT members should say which board they are approving the submission for. If it's a different board than the one that was intended, they should explain their reasoning. The overall consensus will determine which board the submission belongs to. If a GAT member doesn't want to approve, for whatever reason, they should refrain from saying "disapprove." The focus should be on helping authors to improve, not to dash their hopes.

04. GAT members should refrain from reading the reviews posted before theirs until after they've completed their own. This way, critiques are genuine and aren't all a bandwagon. They can go back and read them and edit their reviews after that, though.

05. Submissions will be judged based on how accurate the information is. Obviously, this is subjective, so the GAT may have differing viewpoints on what is or isn't accurate.

06. The GAT will judge submissions based on how useful the information/technique is to its intended audience.

07. Additionally, they will judge if content is all relevant to the topic at hand, and doesn't go off-track.

08. They will judge the overall quality of the submission's content and writing style, such as if it's well-written or sloppy.

09. They will point out if the submission's organization/format/structure needs work.

10. They will point out grammatical/spelling errors as they see them. However, authors should do their best to eliminate such errors before submitting.

11. We are seeking a roster of professional, presentable guides, so the GAT will judge how professional/mature a submission is in its presentation.

12. Finally, GAT members will point out if the submission is breaking any of tulpa.info's rules, or the submissions guidelines.

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