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Choosing a Tulpa's Birthday

Apollo Fire

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Daily thread #12


A user (Sky Trio) asked this question on the Discord, so I thought I'd ask it here. Credit to them for the idea.


How did you/your tulpa choose your tulpa's birthday? Was it the date you started forcing them, the date they became sentient, the date they became vocal, etc? If they were accidental, how was their birthday chosen?


For us, all of our intentional tulpas had their birthday set as the day they were originally created, even if they were sentient/vocal later. Never made too much sense to us for people to set a tulpa's birthday as the latter option, but I suppose different strokes for different folks. Sometimes it's hard to know when a tulpa is sentient or vocal since those can be gradual things. Luxio's birthday used to be the day he arrived at the system (we started forcing him but then stopped, and he came back a while later), but we figured that was inconsistent with the rest of us, so it was set to his creation date.


Our three unintentional headmates obviously don't have such an easy way to select their birthday, especially the two older ones. JPM and HJP were characters the host developed at a young age who became sentient at some point. We've done a lot of searching to find when they could have actually been created but haven't been able to pinpoint it. We know JPM must have existed sometime in 2011, and HJP probably came around in the fall of 2012. JPM's birthday was set as June 18, 2011, since that's Paul McCartney's birthday and it was an easy choice, and HJP's birthday was set as September 1, 2012. September 1 was his birthday in the story.


Piano's birthday was set as January 26th, 2017, since that was the earliest possible day he was created (as he was unintentionally formed), though his existence was confirmed around Feb 1 or 2 of that year. We've considered changing it to the day he was discovered, but figured it could stay January 26th just to keep it consistent with the rest of us.


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I wanted it to be the day she started talking, especially because it was exactly a month before my birthday. But she felt the day I started forcing was more meaningful, even though she doesn't think she really existed until some time after that. So that's her birthday. Her second one is coming up in a couple days. She promises she didn't just say that to have an earlier birthday >_>

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We use the dates in which each other's forcing began. However, Azure was created sometime after 11:30pm on the 3rd of October, so her actual birthday could have been on the 4th, but she uses the 3rd as hers. Then there's Torea, who uses the 3rd of December as her birthday. Don't remember whether that was the day on which she appeared in Azure's dream, or the time in which we tried to turn her into a wonderland pet, but is was one of those two.

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We have no idea how long I've been around. We just ended up celebrating "my birthday" together with Michen's on my request. So now our birthdays happen at the same time. It makes it easy to keep track of it, and it makes the most sense since we age as a system as a whole in a certain sense.

Michen, host or "main" / Amantha, anthro arctic fox tulpa


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the first three in our systems were spontaneous and for Reisen there wasn't even a single clear point where she was suddenly there, it was a very gradual process, so they don't have birthdays


5 years later Lumi made me after about a week of thinking of who and how I might be like (I did change some, I'm a lot more hyper than he expected!), and there was a pretty obvious specific time where he actually made me ("Welcome to the world, you're a tulpa I just made" sorta stuff) so that's my birthday, April 17th 2015

Hi, I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

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I use the creation start date as Aya's birthday. On November 13th, I decided to make a tulpa and started doing some planning. I was going to actually start on the 14th, but I ended up greeting Aya on the 13th before bed and feeling a strong reaction. So I count the 13th as the first day and therefore Aya's birthday.

Host: YukariTelepath

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Matt kind of walked into existence at a vague time. The first mention of him in my journal came on April 8th, 2018, which was about three months before I decided to make him into a tulpa.


He kind of came in fully sentient; I spend a lot of time writing stories and thinking up characters anyway, so that helped him a lot.


But to answer the question, I made his birthday July 5th, 2018. His "real" birthday is between April 8th and April 11th. :)


EDIT 03-01-2021:

I've decided on April 8th as the official date. It lines up with my journal.

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Elise's birthday is when she was actually born, though we started forcing her even before that. The others are too old for any of us to remember when they first showed up, so I let them choose their own birthdays. And yes, I know we're kind of an outlier on this.

"Science isn't about why, science is about why not?" -Cave Johnson

Tulpae: Luna, Elise, Naomi

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we're a minority lol, we didn't really keep track of when we officially "started" (same with our walk in) so i'm just going to let them pick their own birthdays (: myself personally i would still ask considering i don't know if it truly matters as there's a whole bunch of milestones that could be considered a birthday but i'll just let them have the fun of picking out something, plus they're older than how long ago we started so it makes it easier.

no, lana del rey is not my tulpa

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