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[align=justify]Daily thread #18


When a tulpa develops and their personality forms/grows, is it possible that there are certain characteristics that they cannot form, or wouldn't be able to have for very long, because it's simply incompatible with the brain? Not because they don't get along, but because the brain just isn't able to host the specific traits. Are there limits to the types of personalities a brain can hold if it's already established to be a certain way? Would incredibly different personalities have a harder time being maintained and/or eventually become more compatible? For example, could an incredibly introverted system have a headmate who's a total social butterfly unlike the rest of them? Would the social butterfly eventually become more like everyone else the more he fronts? (Is it easier to have an "incompatible" personality if you're able to fully switch?) Or does it not matter at all and any personality is compatible for long-term? Does it depend on the system type, eg tulpa vs traumagenic?


(Note: this isn't a topic about personality forcing, rather it's about the natural progression of a headmate's personality. Are there or aren't there limits to where it can go?)


This is a "food for thought" thread! If you have opinions/experience on this topic, share and discuss!


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Everything except our direct experience says yes, your brain can't very well "be" who/what it doesn't know how to be, and things like introversion/extraversion are generally innately who you are and how you work. For example, trying to create a tulpa who is already "enlightened" (in whatever sense you want) will only give you what you think they'd be like, and not necessarily an "enlightened" person.



.... And our direct experience contradicts both of those. Maybe Reisen's pure-heartedness was blind faith in the world that happened to be a valid perspective, maybe my calm and self-sure demeanor (supposedly due to my confidence in being able to rely on myself in any given situation, despite being like that when I very first existed) was only a self-fulfilling prophecy. But Lucilyn's extraversion is really pushing the limits of what's even worth discrediting, here. Could Lumi as a person have had the potential to switch from being an introvert, who gets exhausted from spending large amounts of time with people, to an extravert, who relatively uniquely in our system gets lonely if not around others for too long, just through a change of beliefs and mindset?


Well, yes, obviously. Tulpas probably aren't magic or paranormal, so the answer has to be yes. But at that point, is it really even worth saying it's not possible for a tulpa to be someone their host isn't?


Perhaps there's some point where you overstep your bounds - young and new members sometimes have some magical thinking about tulpas, thinking they'll do extraordinary things that they shouldn't really be capable of. Getting your hopes too high - or putting too much pressure on your tulpa - can undoubtedly cause failure here. But it seems at the very least, blind faith(belief)'s ability to shape your own subjective reality, and self-fulfilling prophecies' power to eventually reach the goal you weren't previously but may eventually be capable of, may have some serious merit in doing what our system's common sense would say can't happen.


Just remember the soft limits still apply. Your "enlightened" tulpa may be what you think an enlightened person is like, but they don't really have a lifetime of experience like whatever spiritual or religious figure you got those ideas from. Maybe they can help you figure those secrets out, but it's not infallible. This applies to basically any other endeavor where you expect your tulpa to be more knowledgeable/wise than you. They could lead you in the right direction, or help you realize what you already had the ability to know, but that knowledge has its limits.

Hi, I'm Tewi, one of Luminesce's tulpas. I often switch to take care of things for the others.

All I want is a simple, peaceful life. With my family.

Our Ask thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-ask-lumi-s-tulpas

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