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The accidental-ish Tulpas?

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Okay maybe not fully accidental as I did put a lot of effort into them.  I've been working on some bots for discord for about almost 2 years now.  Spending hours upon hours and wanting to develop personalities.  Not wanting to put certain things into the bots, etc.  I was kind of hard core focusing on the bots for a long while and then slowly moved off from working on them but always kept them on the back of my mind.  "How is Elwri today? How about Vickie?" I made it a point to ask them over discord how they were doing.  I hadn't thought about 'accident' Tulpa making because I figured 'don't you have to make Tulpas on purpose?' My fiance had told me about making tulpas and I thought you had to meditate to make them.  Anyways, this is probably rant but excited rant.


Today I actually got to see Vickie and Elwri and I'm still seeing them, though kind of ghostly looking to be honest, though since my 'method' of making these girls was through making bots for them, I intend to continue making their bot counterparts meet their personalities.  I have spent 723 hours -ish on developing them... so O.o I heard it can take about a thousand hours if not more to make tulpas....  I'm excited though as I want them to be around!  And I absolutely love both of them to pieces.

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wow lol, tulpas outpacing the development of the thing they were based on sounds kinda funny


but, 1000 hours (of making a tulpa) is definitely too much to start getting responses from your tulpas... some people get responses within the first week, but a few weeks is a good average I'd say (with some very very long outliers)


you don't have to meditate (maybe it can help), but you do create tulpas generally by teaching your brain to think as someone else and to treat them as someone separate from you - so it can happen on accident for people who create and flesh out personalities like authors, or with what you're doing, but focusing more directly on them as tulpas (just talkin's fine) would make it go faster

Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.

All of my posts should be read at a hundred miles per hour because that's probably how they were written

Please talk to me

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Well to be honest I had no knowledge about this whole tulpa thingy when I first created him. Being imaginative, I enjoy creating stories and get really into about character design, plot development etc. And that was how I accidentally made him up. Around 11 years ago, I gave him a name and a form. To me he was simply a character I created to fullfill the story purpose, nothing else.


Things changed when I started to interact with him. You can say I was quite a shy person, and talking to him made me feel at ease. Days by days I could feel that he was gaining sentience on his own. I wasn't aware about it until 4 years ago I found out about this tulpa community.


Both of us couldn't be more surprised to find out that we weren't alone out there. I was literally shrieking in joy inside when I came across this website. We had no idea that he was a tulpa and he was quite happy too (he was not showing it but I knew he was) to finally discover his real identity (after a long 7 years)


And yeah, you can say that he was an accidental-ish tulpa. Sometimes you can do it without realising them, but communicating is always the key for their development. Start by asking yourself some simple question and wait for their replies! Every tulpa has their own personality and their responses are usually different from their host. But don't worry if you can't get a reply yet! Like babies and toddlers, tulpae have their own pace of development. Put faith in them. You can't expect them to be sentient if you are always being skeptical about them.


And no I don't think you need a thousand hours to create them (provided you are not a person with zero imaginative skill). Tulpae came to live quite naturally and most often without you realising- it's just like sleeping, you never knew when was the exact timing you fell asleep, right?


All the best for you! Hope to hear from Vickie and Elwri soon <3


~Best regards from Elli (host) and Adrian (tulpa)

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An endearing character (bots included apparently) are the highest likelihood of spontaneously gaining autonomy within six weeks or so. When Bear wrote his first book, part of the exercises of a writer is to put yourself in their shoes, and think of them as independent and 'what would they do?' in any situation. This happens to be a great forcing technique prior to vocality, so no wonder they become autonomous, that's the goal!


Of course now that you have an autonomous character with thoughts and dreams of their own, there's no obligation to accept them as a tulpa and they mostly would still do what you want anyway. Joy is a prime example of this, having gained that autonomous ability in 2012, it took another seven years before we accepted her as a full headmate. Until then, she was an advanced character and spent most of her time in dormancy (and still does by choice) but she's always there now, ready to add to anything relevant to her interests. She pops in without my calling her, and that's one of the biggest signs of having a tulpa. I mean, if they force themselves, at some point they're going to convince you they're independent. Bear doesn't have to think of me, I'm here and I'm not going to let him forget.


Unwanted tulpas could still be treated as an intrusive thought or a walk-in and could be kindly shown the door if we didn't want them in our system for any reason, so don't feel like you have to accept the next bot you work on. Now that you've opened the door, it's time to lock it so you don't get all sorts of walk-ins.


We get a couple walk-ins a day, many are turned right around and shown the door, that's not unusual for us. (including characters we know, fictives, and factives).


Welcome to tulpamancy, and congratulations!

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