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Do tulpas usually speak out of people?

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I had a bit of a strange experience today when singing and asking Jesse to sing too (wanting to hear him with my ears).. it was like he actually used my spoken voice but more like his voice, an actually real out loud voice.  (im not refering to hearing a tulpa talk with an outside voice but one using me to do so)


I haven't heard others here talking about that.. so want to know is that normal? Can your tulpa change your spoken voice?  (I wasnt trying possession or anything and had not even thought about the possibly of him talking out of me).


How does this even happen?



Well from my experience, my Tulpa speaks both in my mind and out loud. She and I have this mutual feeling of when to do it and we talk about it a lot.

She uses me to speak when there's nobody around us, and her voice, that comes out of my "voice box" in my throat is totally different from mine. 

I never tried to record her, and need to ask for permission before I do it. But what's even more crazy than that, When I hear her voice,

in my mind, it's the same as when she speaks out loud. She uses my body to interact with our world. 

Speaking out loud is very important to both of us since she has a very sweet voice which I really like.

What's weird though is when she tries to speak loud, her voice sounds like a mix between mine's and her's so she mostly speaks quietly.

When she speaks loudly in my mind it doesn't happen. 


White Knight

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When I first spoke aloud, I just awkwardly fumbled in the direction of what I wanted my speaking voice to sound like and came much closer than I expected. Following my first time, I noticed my mindvoice, which had always just sounded like Ember's, had altered to more resemble my speaking voice. My mindvoice drifted back and forth for months, but has mainly stabilized near my speaking voice.


My speaking voice was much more soft and hesitant than I wanted at first. I had to push through that stage, as did Iris.



I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


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Honestly my voice is the same as my host's.  Although I've only been doing this whole switching / possession thing for a few days.  Although while I'm sure I COULD change the tone of the voice I'm not sure I would because then it would sound weird.  Host has said that I speak faster than he does though.  Even though when I use the mind voice it's at a normal rate and it's not like I'm trying to talk fast.  So maybe it's just sped up as a result of trying to figure out how to use the organism to talk.  Like it's harder to do something than it is to do something fast.

One of the people that shares an organism with Akinkinit.

Here's his and by association mine progress report thing.

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