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I'll be posting about my progress in this thread, in an attempt to stay motivated and on track. 


I will most likely not be posting daily, nor after each forcing session. Posts will appear organically, when there's something to report on.


Please feel free to join me in this process of self-exploration and reflection.

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If there is one thing all guides seem to agree on, is that there is no one true method of embarking on this personal journey. Each person is encouraged to find out what works best for them.


With that in mind, I have decided to go in blind, not in terms of general knowledge and practice, but in terms of decision-making. As such, I will not be choosing a name for my tulpa, outlining their personality, nor deciding on their form. Instead, I will allow for full creative and developmental freedom. This is the way that feels the most comfortable and natural to me.


I have been warned that this approach might lead to some delay in the creation process, but I am at peace with that. I am here to enjoy the journey and all it has to offer; not to rush to its destination.

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We applaud your method and on that note, we feel it's best not to try to corroborate anything you experience until after you're confident in that experience because this community tends to correct young tulpamancers in a way that molds them to community standards, which we frankly find boring and counterproductive in many ways. We love this community, but some of the interpretation of their fundamental principles by individuals are arbitrary in a way that is biased in our opinion. (Based on Reddit, here, and Discord).


That aside, there are many very open minded individuals in the community that can help with issues, and there certainly are bumps in the road ahead. This forum for instance will be sure to give you a wider perspective on your journey without too much pushback or constriction only because we're here to insist on that. As long as you don't rely on one answer from any one system regardless of their experience or age in the community as dogma.


We did as you did for the first four months and our experience well surpasses many in profound ways. (Granted, for whatever reason.)


We wish you the best of luck!


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