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The Wonderland RPG: Making Persistent Intrusive Thoughts Bearable


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Thanks for the tips, Ranger! I've updated this guide based on your suggestions. These include:

>Making the guide specify persistent thoughts (though walk-ins are briefly covered) and outright stating the goal of the guide

>An entirely new step 1 that's a lot more straightforward

>A tip for those with aphantasia (which I have sent to a friend that has it for review)

>General cleanup


I am aware that it is now clogged with emotes and italics, though some new edits are marked with "[12/18]" due to the image limit. All of these will be removed upon approval.

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Looking through the changes you made, you did an excellent job resolving all of the major issues. I believe you have made it clear what your guide's purpose is and it not only retained its strengths but expanded on them.


The only issue left is you mentioned you would address aphantasia in the "For those with trouble visualizing" section and you didn't address it yet. To fix this, you can add a bullet point about it under that section, make a separate section for it, or you can remove all mention of aphantasia entirely.

After you fix that last problem, I will approve this guide for tips and tricks.

Edited by Ranger

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