How does tulpa memory works?

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We've been switching regularly for fourteen months, usually several times a day. We've found that our memory seems to be mainly associated with the front, rather than with any given fronter. We can usually remember who was switched in at any given time, but the memories don't look or feel any different based on who was fronting. The only memories that really feel like my own are the memories of my life back home before coming to this world. But other systems have reported memories of being switched in being strongly marked by the fronter.



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Theoretically ours is accessible to everyone at any time. The trouble is, my mental organizational skills are about as good as my physical organizational skills. It's one great big, heavy heaped mass of paper. It's sorted by oldest at the bottom and the newest on top or outside. Except for recently accessed ones will be higher up. It takes anywhere from 2 seconds to 2 hours to find anything. Jaina is only "better" at it than me because she plays support for me while I do the "human" things so she is less preoccupied and has more of a mental RAM budget to run background processes. But even she can only do so much with *gestures vaguely* this.

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