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Curious if there's a term for this...


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So, I was just wondering if there's a term for this particular type of entity...

I've always considered him to be a representation of myself.  Basically my persona/avatar/alter-ego/whatever you want to call it.  I oftentimes take his form when in wonderland,  and my tulpas almost always call me by his name instead of my own, even if I'm not using his form.   However,  he also occasionally splits off from me and becomes tulpa-like,  i.e. becoming an independent entity separate from me.

He doesn't really feel like a tulpa per-se.  All my other tulpas feel more separated from myself and are clearly their own personalities,  but it's a LOT more vague with this particular one.  Like he's both me and not me at the same time, if that makes sense.

Is this something like what merging or separating feels like?  Or is there some other term for this?

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I was about to say, it sounds related to merging, but a little different.


A merge is A+B -> C where C kinda feels like both A and B and also their own person. A merge can become a headmate.


You kind of did this but your feelings are a little blendy with him when he splits off.


For you it's like A -> A+A1 -> C


Then C -> A + A1 again instead of A + B


He sounds like he could be a full headmate but your relationship is blending. It's your identification as him that's causing this.


There's nothing wrong with this if you're both happy.


If you wanted to, you could treat him as his own person and then merge when you want to be 'him'.


A + B -> B this is perfectly valid. A merge doesn't technically need to have any of the traits of either part.

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