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[Game] Best & Worst Tulpa Names

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[align=justify]You mean names of places?


Best: Juneau

Worst Llanfairpwllgwyngyll[/align]


Theme: Animals

I'm Apollo Fire, the "Sun God" of the Felight family. I'm a tulpa created December 2016. My systemmates are RadioPiano, & Indigo. Form images: 1 2

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Best (bias warning): I couldn't decide between Azure, Damien, Jade, Spark or Torea... Not sure whether or not to call Chloe a tulpa...

Worst: Imposition


Theme: Transnational corporations

Someone System: Artemis, Azure, Chloe, Damien, Jade, Lilly, Rouge, Spark, Torea


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“We need MOAR FLUFFY TOASTERS!!!” - Torea

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Best: Cleopatra

Worst: Rasputin


Theme: Fish

Zirca - Host, she/her, name undisclosed

Mélissa - Tulpa, she/her, first forced on 11/6/2019, previously known as Neln

Feena - Walk-in, she/her, first noticed on 1/6/2020

PR thread

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