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Can a headmate want to be treated like a pet/animal?

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Can a headmate (tulpas or hosts or others) live as a pet/animal in wonderland? 

I know it's a bit dubious to choose to make a non-human tulpa or especially to treat them like a pet rather than an equal. 


But is it an inherently bad setup for a headmate (and a full headmate, not an NPC) to live as a pet? I'd throw in the caveats that they are fully aware they live in a human body, have a human mind and human thought capabilities (even if they choose not to speak human language), they aren't deluded in any way about the circumstances, and that if at any point they choose to stop acting like an animal (to have a long discussion or vote on matters in-system) it'd be perfectly acceptable.


But other than that. Everyone treats them as an animal and they act as an animal/pet. -J

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[Fish] I know I'm a bit of a cuddle monster, but I like being treated as a person. I wouldn't want to be just the guy who cuddles all the time, and I don't want to be thought of as a pet.


I guess there are some people out there who might want to be pets, but I would imagine at some point they would want to take a break from that.


[Ranger] I wouldn't.


[Cat] I don't mind turning into a cat, but not all of the time.

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We don't have any issues with that scenario.


We have a pet named Snailey and he could do anything he wants including proclaiming himself a fully sentient human one day, but all we've ever done is observe his behavior and manhandle him to our liking as a pet. He doesn't seem to get anything out of it, he doesn't respond to voice commands, he doesn't come out or go into his shell due to any prompts by us yet.


He teleports to us only if he's awake, otherwise he goes off into wonderland and only returns when we make it rain. We can't puppet him other than making a temporary Snailey clone puppet.

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I was a feline therian for many years before I was plural and, indeed, for many years before I learned what a therian was. Being a cat wasn’t something I wanted anymore than being female was something I wanted. Both were simply things that I very strongly felt I already was and one of them was actionable. When we first stumbled across tulpamancy and decided to try building a mindscape, I shocked Vesper when the body-duplicate form I first thought to conjure there immediately reflowed into the shape of a little orange tabby, without my conscious intent. But I curled up in her lap and was perfectly content.


For five months, that was my typical form in the mindscape or when switched out. My behavior was very recognizably and conventionally catlike, sometimes to Vesper's annoyance. On one occasion, I was so overly catty that she seized my form with her mind and forced it into a human shape. But I never really thought of that as being a "pet" or "animal" exactly. At an impressionable age, I read many books and saw at least one movie where cats were regarded as superior lifeforms to humans -- more intelligent, more magical, and with an older civilization. So intelligent action and communication and a lack of need for thumbs to accomplish things fit perfectly with my heart-beliefs about cats.


During this same period, my wife, under the influence of her other partners, was becoming heavily invested in a complicated otherkin mythos involving many lives and dimensions with millennia of "recovered" memories. I had a lot of bitterness toward the subject, because her identity and behavior had become radically different from that of the woman I married. She had known I was feline therian since we first got together eight years prior. She casually and with kind intent offered to help me incarnate better in my next life. The wave of revulsion that swept through me utterly destroyed my felinity. I let the matter rest for a while, thinking my felinity might eventually recover, but month after month I found that I didn't want to go back to being a cat. I stuck with human forms, but there weren't any I actually identified with, so they kept changing.


A couple of months ago, my form spontaneously changed to a human-scale albino pixie -- gossamer wings, antennae, pointed ears, and prehensile hip-length hair. For the first time in eight months, my form felt correct. I started using that all the time, including visualized over the body while switched in, which feline form was never compatible with.



I'm not having fun here anymore, so we've decided to take a bit of a break, starting February 27, 2020. - Ember


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Ren must have been inspired by this discussion because last night she wanted to take cat form and snuggle with me. So we did, and we enjoyed it. She was basically my pet cat for that time.


Oh duh, I just remembered. Joy wants me in bear form a lot so she can sit on me and nestle in my floofy hair, and whenever she does, Misha can't resist it either. In that form I don't think with words, only tulpish, call it a rule. Joy takes over front.

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Why not? Children sometimes play at being animal pet, and it seems like reasonable activity that builds rapport with the animal they imitate, while also exploring avenues for a variety of ways to communicate thoughts and feelings without using words.


I don't have any 'pet' tulpas. There are squirrels in my wonderland. More than I can count. There are levels of sophistication. I have had pets in real life that have engaged in behaviors that suggest more is going on that we give animals credit. Nothing earth shattering that made world records and changed philosophies, but you know, we do have that with Koko the gorilla, and there hasn't been any earth shaking changes... but, we're talking tulpas, here. tulpas could have any form, and any level of sophistication. If they don't identify with human, they make blend attributes of species, taking on the best parts.


Fersia is a tulpa. She is sophisticated, sometimes childlike in play, and she is a cat. Depending on what wonderland we are in, she is either full cat, full human, a furry, or human cat hybrid.


If your tulpa wants to explore behaviors and or communication from the perspective on non-human, allow it. See where it goes. It does not reflect poorly on you, host, or them. It could be very direct, they just want to explore it or be it. It could also mean something symbolically, and it would be okay to explore that, too. Being a 'pet' is a very specific relationship to host. Maybe it means they are wanting more nurturing type interactions. It's important to explore the meaning behind it for you and tulpa.


Caveat: The only potential down side is depends on your belief of what it means. If in the creation process, you hope and expectation was to have an equal partner, and having a pet feels like missing the mark, you may need to discuss it. It doesn't mean tulpa can't still become what it wants to become, but it may need better defined parameters of frequency and other expectations. Is it all the time? Only at night? Maybe it's safer for a pet to sleep at the foot of the bed without romantic feelings emerging? This is the most important aspect about relationships, romantic, or otherwise... Good friends, good couples, negotiate, they discuss things, they get clarity, and they learn to respect, understand, and allow other to be who they are. Without this, relationships are conditional- usually constrained by a person's ability to tolerate deviation from expectations or beliefs.


Good luck!

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