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Missing Privacy Setting



And, well, all the settings/preferences really. We don't need to rely on my memory, you can surely look at old Tulpa.info's account settings and see, we have like one fourth the settings we used to have on this software.


But most pressing (aside from Posts Per Page), every single user's birthdate is public now, and I think that's pretty bad. As much as I'd like to know how old everyone is, most people chose to hide their birth years, and there's no option to do that anymore - let alone a carried-over preference. Honestly it would be better to hide every single birth year period than it would to leave them as is. I left the title of this thread vague so not everyone would go around snooping, but I should've pointed this problem out days ago because it's kind of bad.


If we really can't get some more preference settings back, we'll at least have to make compromises, and hiding birth years (except from staff I guess) entirely would be the compromise here. 

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Until I figure out how to make this optional, I disabled visibility for birthdays on all profiles (only staff and yourself can view your birthday)


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