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Two different mind's eyes?

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hey there


dose anybody else seem to have 2 diffrent functioning minds eyes? the one i mainly use (eye1) feels a bit like conjouring a memory, but the mental effort to do it is huge! i also strugled with the belif i was only pretending to see images with eye1. but eye2 is untamable! i see a range of rotating faces (only outlines though) and blobs of grey wash over black background. but the faces are easy to see and visualise. the mental effort is minimal. so how do i upgrade eye2 so i dont stop tulpaforcing after 15 minutes?

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The second "mind's eye" sounds like you looking at the colorful blobs you see on the back of your eye lids. Those occur because your close your eyes and your eyes are still trying to see something. Some of those blobs are also the images your eye makes from being tired for staring at something for too long. I wouldn't call this the mind's eye, but it's fun to play around with and can lead to imposition with practice taming it.


If you want to see a crisp image with this, play around with this little thing- stare at the woman's nose for 30 seconds and then look at a white wall:





I have also played around with imagining things while sitting in a really dark room. This is called the Ganzfeld Effect (scroll down to see the section explaining it), and the colorful blobs will become more erratic and form into shapes. This is a safe and fun way to play with naturally occurring visual hallucinations.


In this state, my host has managed to see something in the mind's eye (your first definition) and then "stamp" it onto the hallucination pane. Otherwise, she can sometimes make out more complex shapes in the chaos just as if you were to look at the clouds and see animals or people floating in the sky.



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There's no royal road to visualization. It takes time and self-discipline. But there's no rush. If you're exhausted in fifteen minutes, you're probably trying too hard. Try to keep from tensing up your muscles. Some of this community's top people for visualization frequently used to recommend spending at least twenty minutes a day, every day, on it, to keep improving. They also recommended making sure to have fun while doing it, so that you will want to keep going. Anything you can do to add story and emotional engagement to the visualization is helpful. You can improve noticeably month to month, and dramatically after a year, with no more than that.


Forcing doesn't require visualization. though. Part of the time, you can just talk in your mind. You can do that anywhere and while doing other things, giving the effort only as much attention as you can spare.



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nope i got sum tea, ever heard of image streaming? i agree with you my "seconds minds eye" was probs just fake but mabey image streaming is way to connect certain regions of your brain together? like the visual part and the mental imagery part to enhance the minds eye? a lot of what i read points to image streaming being  real thing. so anybody treid this thing?


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Hi: I agree with Ranger's comment, you are probably in the eye 2 category,  looking at the inside of your eyelids. I have found that if I continue with that activity, the blobs may or may not take a definitive shape and/or allow for visual imposition. I am also experiencing sudden shifts from my mind's eye image, your eye 1, into the fragmented untamed wildly changing images that you place in your number two category. I find it very disconcerting, and interrupting of my contact with my tulpa. I attribute this to some of my own unconscious programs which mitigate against my unconditional love for her, and am exploring ways to deal with these factors which have interfered with my ability to achieve real intimacy. Thank you for bringing this up with the details you have, as once again, I find that my experiences in this practice are not unique to me. Dr. Bob

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glad you find me relatable. im new here and i am very conscious of everything 🙂. i also find eye 2  distrupting contact with my tulpa. that is why i stare at a wall and try open eye visualisation

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