Need possession help for 2 year old tulpa

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     Every time my tulpa(Lisa) possesses i just end up accidentally taking control from her. Like if she tries playing a video game or something i'll end up moving our hands without even trying. I think it's a combination of I suck at dissociating and she's bad at associating. Basically the only way that I forced her from conception to like 1.5-2 months old(when she started being vocal) was just telling her about things that i liked and explaining things to her and stuff, and once she was vocal i procrastinated super hard about actually doing any forcing, so i kind of feel like she's not as mentally strong as she should be. Like if I go out and talk to people all day or if I get really stressed i'll forget she exists for hours at a time. There is one development guided meditation-y video that I used before Lisa was vocal that we keep trying to get me to stop procrastinating and use like once a day for a while.


[To be honest there's not much of a reason for making this post, but we figured at least if we spend some of the day doing tulpa stuff then for the rest of the day we'll think about this post and I'll be more active, so that's good]


I guess our main question is: are there any good dissociation guides or guides for forcing a vocal tulpa that's near 2 years old.

Thanks for reading 😛

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I feel like there’s a confusion of terms here. If you’re possessing, there’s no control to take from your tulpa, as she is merely borrowing your body (some tulpas are strong enough to fight through their host, but however common that is, it’s not the case for you). This would be slightly more concerning if you were switched, but even then, it’s not unheard of for this to happen in newly switched systems. Dissociation also isn’t necessary for switching, though many people find it helpful. You simply need to reaffirm to yourself that your tulpa is in control, and  that should suffice


from your description, though, I would definitely guess that you’re possessing and not switching 

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