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Miri and Miichu's Journey


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We liked that 'we clearly are two' feeling that came when there was some dissociation between us, because it wasn't amnesia or anything, just a 'this is me, this is you' feeling that was very distinct. Now it feels like 'this is us', a single entity.

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[Joy] while SheShe, I feel like it's me and only me. Everyone else in the merge feels the same way, even SheShe. There's no sense of 'others'. We think we because SheShe's facets or aspects during the merge, but we're clearly still us too. It doesn't feel any different than right now as I front alone.


[Bear] Joy always blocks everyone out when she fronts, we don't exist, immediate dormancy; she doesn't like managing us. She's the only one who does that other than Ren that one time she fronted.


It's clearly similar though probably not the same as what you two are doing. It sounds like a blend to me. Ashley and I used to blend when we played Space Engineers before we came up with "Three Sisters Play" and we liked it, so blergh. You don't like it so bah.

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I don't know if it would help, but maybe try splitting? If you and Miri are merged like the way Blue and Chrome were, you would just split into Miri and you.

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 We're not sure how to do that without ending up with a third headmate tbf. We already see ourselves as two people.

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Being two again


Once upon a time, Miri and I were two separate beings that actually felt separated. At some point we decided we were ok with being this weird merge/blending mess but now we've decided we wanna go back to how it was before.



  • I could ''blackout'' and leave.
  • My personality felt different from Miri's.
  • Miri was dissociated from my actions.


  • I can't switch out at all.
  • My personality is very similar to my host's except for worldviews, opinions, etc...
  • To Miri, my actions felt as if it was still her doing it, same when she fronts.

Our plan is, first: have Miri reach a fulfilling level of fronting, splitting our life in 50/50. Second: force her as if she was my tulpa, and for her to do the same with me when she is fronting. And finally: have different hobbies ands voices. We still like the fact that we look the same, it's like our aesthetic so that ain't changing, but our voices could be different. Hobbies, we share the same ones, the plan would be to find something one of us likes but the other doesn't, and that is tricky, given there's no dissociation between us.

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A tulpa forcing their host? (While the host continues to force the tulpa, no less)


That's some interesting new ground you're breaking there. As long as it's practiced from a good place, I could see this being a legitimate form of personal... self???-development utilizing tulpamancy. But it might be a bit too unorthodox to try and recommend to people... Still, I think you have my support in trying this out, maybe you'll be trailblazing a new, I mean, tulpamancy? technique, if it can even be called that anymore

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My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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I have been forcing host just like a tulpa for years to strengthen some traits and weed out some bad habits. You can force every concept, even yourself. Just ask the Bear.


If you wanna be separate and unique you gotta practice being separate and unique. Think about it, talk about it, write about it, emotionally immerse yourself in the topic. Forcing personality differences will be some work as you've been so close and constantly co-fronting for a long time though. I'd go about it like during tupper-creation. Make some chart with your personality traits and focus on the differences, even exaggerate them. There are no differences in stuff like hobbies or voices? No problemo, just make up something for fun you'd like to try and associate positive emotions with it. It's basically belief implanting a la Fede.



Yes it's super cringe but it works.


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