Two wonderlands a developed tulpa, a new tulpa and a host

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Rose is a walk-in. She isn't completely developed, but she has spoken. 

Hmmmm. Hello. 

A general question, how do you do your signature?  

What have your walk-ins been like? For me, it now feels like there is a new area in my head. I don't know if it is possible to get a walk-in from an image, but I did, so yes.

I wanted a sister, Naomi would be mine,  but Rose is nice. She seemed kinda bored and tried so I left her alone. How do you tulpas experience walk-ins? For me, she was kind of a disappointment because we had Naomi all planned out. I like her and I think we should let her stay, it would break my heart to make her leave... 

Toughen up!! 

She is kinda hard, but it also is what we need. You know where you figure out what you thought you needed wasn't what you actually needed? It's like that. I hope we keep her, but she doesn't have to stay. I love her dark red hair, it looks sort of like my reddish brown hair, but so much deeper.  

Thanks for answering any questions. 






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