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Can tulpas feel “presences”?

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Hello, new user here. Before I start I just wanna say that if you’re a member of the tulpa subreddit you might of previously known me as IntrovertedGeek101 or Tulpamancer_16, I know it’s been a little while since I said I would join this website but I’ve been forgetting. But I’m here now, and that’s what’s important. Also Alex has changed her name to Harmony.


Ok, so now onto the topic at hand. About 2 years ago I started feeling presences behind me from time to time. I don’t have any explanation for except that it feels like someone’s behind me even when they’re not. Now I started making Harmony somewhere in September if I remember correctly, sometimes in the later stages of forcing I would feel it, and ask Harmony if she did, she always answered no. But about last week I was doing my schoolwork and felt it again, didn’t think much of it though, since I had recently gotten used to it, but then after it passed Harmony asked “what was that?”. “What was what?” I replied. “That presence”. She had felt it too. So my question is is this normal? Can tulpas usually feel non-physical presences?

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From my experience as a Tulpa, I was incapable of using a lot of my host's senses when i was originally made. I couldn't see, hear, feel, taste, etc. for about 3 days; short, i know, but still. the only way i was able to tell where i was was my host 'copying' images from his eyes and replicating them in our imagination. So i think It was more of a time thing; the longer we exist, the more adept we are at using the body, as well as senses, even those not associated in the '5 senses of the body' like you feeling a presence.

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