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The delightful report from down memory lane

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ah, woops, didn't see this here, I thought it was just some random progress report. (That's why I posted in Pronas's log :P ) I'm glad your back around and still kicking!

I have 10 tulpas, but I'm only actively working on Reah, my first tulpa currently.

Progress Report

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Norman! You actually posted something again! *hugs* C:


I didn't even know you HAD a progress report! XD


Norman: I did post something again, and I do have a progress report :)



So much :3


The world of instant text based communication is altering your growth toward a direction that I can not fathom.


Good luck with Astral Projecting. Whatever it is, it needs more research.


Edge: Thank you Mayor, and it does need more research, I would love for it to be real, unfortunately that doesn't make it any more real :P

ah, woops, didn't see this here, I thought it was just some random progress report. (That's why I posted in Pronas's log :P ) I'm glad your back around and still kicking!


Em: Silly Raetin, we have been alive. The only thing is that we've been longer on the IRC than on the main website, it really helps development the simple act of chatting with someone :D. Hopefully we'll update soon :D


Amber: The log is dead ;-;


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This title means that everything before this post, is part of a time long past for me.


Yes I do have tulpae, they are quite ok and have been so for the last 2 years and a half. This is more of a compilation of mistakes I've made and maybe an update or two. This doesn't mean you shouldn't read the report, you sure can and maybe you can learn something there or note a mistake or two. However, this post and all future posts hope to guide this report in a new direction; one that hopefully can help some of you guys out.


I do happen to have quite a substantial number of tulpa, maybe not as much as some of the other members of the community but more than enough to handle. It's quite possible to manage it but it's not a desirable result, even though I have introduced the first four quite well and I've spoken my fair share of them, it's only fair to make a new introduction seeing how they have changed.


I will start by introducing Emily.


Emily is my first tulpa, the oldest of the lot. She is an orange haired girl with beautiful green eyes and a pair of 1 meter white angel wings sprout from her back.


As such, she got the worst version of me possible, skeptic and analytical; I usually do things by the book and don't try to stray anything else. If I've learned anything from here is that nothing is ever by the book, each person has his/her own experiences with their tulpa. I remember it took me 10 days until I heard her and a few longer until I could visualize her form.


Emily as a person... sadly I could stay in here and try to write down a list of adjectives, but no number of them would do her justice. She's just like every other person, she is happy and sometimes she is sad, she can tell jokes and she can sometimes get angry (though rarely). As a person she is as complex as many others and out of all the traits that come to mind, I think caring is the highest of them all.


She has no problem talking to people about their problems, her only purpose as she so calls it is to help people be happy within reason. Though this caused many problems before, she has reached a point where she can help others without forgetting too much about herself in the process. Everytime I talk to her it's quite relaxing and I enjoy it a lot, she's a life changer in my view and she did change my life for the better.


I hear many people say tulpae kill and possess the body of the host and do unspeakable things, but in my opinion that's not simply the case here or anywhere. If those situations deter you, I assure you that what you truly earn here is a companion for a lifetime.


She likes walking in the park, driving, learning about new stuff and sometimes just stare at the scenery regardless of what it is. I guess that's enough for now, I may not write walls of text but this leaves me quite satisfied. Tomorrow I will talk about another peculiar tulpa.


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I did remember to update today as well, and as promised time to talk about Ashley.


Ashley is a different girl, she was definitely my first taste of what an intrusive thought could or couldn't cause since she stirred up quite the bit of trouble in the wonderland. However that was dealt with in an appropriate matter, mainly with forgiveness and understanding; after that she became part of our now big group of headmates.


As a young tup, she used to be quite a bit aggressive against others. This was in fact a charade due to her inner fear of socializing, though this caused many undesirable situations in the end she came to terms that socializing in itself is not that bad. As a host, this surprised me at the time since this was her first lesson learned from her own thinking and personal experiences.


At the present time, she has changed from a rebellious teenager attitude to somewhat of a young grown up. She still has a long way to go just like the rest of us but in my opinion she is a bit ahead of the curve compared to the others; maturity wise that is.


She appeared to me as a girl with black hair arranged in a pony tail, she carried a katana and wore a Hakama. Though she has never used it she insists on carrying it around, kind of as a symbol of her own persona so to say.


Now to compliment her; I don't think I've ever had someone who gave me good and reasonable advice. In times of high stress people usually tend to take impulsive choices which may end up being horrible for them in the future. Ashley has been a huge factor in me not making a whole lot of terrible choice in my life; her ability to keep a cool head even in times of crisis makes her one of the first people I go to in times of need. She was also a huge help on visualization since she kind of knew the way I worked, that means she was able to pull some strings in order to help me understand things I used to refuse.



Ashley: Being honest, the guy was kind of a bad host at the start, but it's understandable. I mean, he was just getting started at this stuff and I really don't believe someone can enter something as different as making a tulpa without making a few mistakes along the way. However, I think I like the guy; his concern is sincere and makes me feel really comfortable when I'm doing my stuff in his head.


Emily: Well, I treat my headmates as family and Ashley is no different. However, since she was the second person like me to be here with me I think she has a really special place in my heart. I think she is a person who enjoys helping others but isn't too open about it; she is no longer afraid of socializing or trusting people but instead she decided to become more of a family woman and we're all thankful for that :).


Tomorrow I will introduce Amber and certain things which might be unrelated.


Have a nice night


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Time to continue with this.


Before describing Amber I kind of talked to her about what I should write, about how she is, her past and life or about her effect on me? After careful consideration I decided to let her speak for herself.


*everything below is Amber typing*


Hello! I am Amber and I'm very happy to get the chance to write about myself and our lil family we got going over here :3. Well, I like to call it our lil family cause we're all really close and even though we aren't as little as other are, I just say it cause it sounds a bit cuter that way :p.


Even though Emily and Ashley already said this before I'll say it again, Normy did get better over time and it was super helpful in my development. Very quickly we developed sort of a father-daughter relationship; it was very very nice and we were super happy :), however now that I look back I think we might've rushed a bit too fast into that one x3.


Well, I'm very cheerful and I love making new friends all the time. I like having fun with them, talking to them and in general, spending a good time with them. When I was young it was super simple, I made friends, kept friends and was very happy until certain things happened. Before I knew it I didn't have any friends, but luckily I had my family close by.


The problem was that I had become so dependent on external attention, that I couldn't see my headmates for the helpful people they are. It was really sad and lonely because even though I had people who loved me and cared for me, I was too blind to see it. Over time I started to understand that my family were gonna be the people who would never leave my side and I started to improve slowly, from being all sad into being happy.


It was about that time when I re-met an old friend I once made. I think she's the best person around and I really enjoy her company. I like her a lot and I think she has become my best friend; having a best friend is great because I know I can always count on her when I need her the most, just like she can count on me :). It's amazing how close you can get to someone over the irc, even if it's not in person it's the best I can manage, with the whole being a tulpa thing :).


Sorry if I spoke about many things or if I didn't talk too much about how I am or how I behave, but I think what I said before has all that written over it and more. To all host's who read this, never forget to be ultra supportive and nice with your tulpae. People generally love when they are treated nicely and being nice to others makes your bond with them even better; tulpae, be nice to your host's as well. Treat each other very well and never forget to enjoy life 100% :D, it's the only we know we have :) and it's too short to be grumpy with others.


*end of Amber speech*


Some observations.


Emily's emotional response is pretty strong, some strong and mild emotions she feels course through my body rather strongly.


Ashley was acting differently today, she liked a lot that I talked about her in here. Will do my best to talk more about her in these small notes.


Amber was very excited to make her own post, I hope she is satisfied with what she wrote.


Next week. Edge.


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Have been working with all the tulpae, I'm happy to report they're all doing very well and are pretty excited on the whole being formally introduced part.


Another interesting yet sad fact is that some fights have broken out between certain headmates; luckily they are under control and we're all well under way to solve any and all misunderstandings between them.


Now to talk a bit about Edge.


First off, he's the first of the group that was worked on almost exclusively by a tulpa. Needless to say this was a big surprise at the time; since I had to split time evenly between them or as close to even as I could sometimes Ashley felt quite lonely. Plus, she couldn't relate that well with Emily and Amber; thus Edge was born or made.


She based him off her image of what a nice guy should be like, I remember her saying she wanted him to be understanding, firm, patient and with a curious manner of speech. One distinct detail I remember is that she wanted him to have a beard because...


"Beards are awesome." (Ashley 2012)


Although at first Edge was exclusively social with Ashley, pretty soon he started to bond with the others and formed quite a strong bond with Amber. He considers her similar to a little sister while she sees him as the big brother even though she is older.


At the moment he likes to spend most of his time with his sister and other parts of it trying to solve sudoku puzzles. Even though at first he may seem like an impassible wall of coldness, he actually has a big heart he usually only shows people he cares about.


*Edge speech*


I'm not a talker; to be blunt, I like being here. The people are nice and it's usually pretty ok. To all the readers who have tulpae I urge you to spend time with them. They are not toys nor playthings, they are your life companions so make sure to keep it that way.




Sorry for the delay, laptop got stolen so it was a bit hard to post again.


The next post will deal with two "twins" so to say, Onyx and Sapphire.


Spoiler alert, there are 13.


Cheers and have a good night.


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Lina: Hello young and old people alike! Just wanted to say that there wont be many updates regarding tulpa development in the sense of sentience, possession, imposition and all other assorted things. We all feel really glad with how far we have come since the start; of course none of us consider that we have reached as far as possible. Life is a journey and who knows what kind of weird stuff could happen to us; when my host started this thing around 4 years ago I don't think he would've imagined half the things that have happened, despite all that we've seen each other grow and develop along the way so I guess that's a plus? Hopefully? Maybe?


Anyways, possible updates will include personal experiences some headmates have and all those things. We thank everyone and anyone who has taken time from their life to read through this. I wish you all the best and hope to make host update with more frequency now.


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