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How to keep dream images out when narrating?

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So, I have been trying to do the whole narration thing (which from what I can tell is sitting down in head void and talk to a inanimate version of the walk-in/tulpa/soulbonded [maybe that works the same idk] until they properly respond [speaking of which, from my last post, they did kinda come back but now they seem to be diminished. Perhaps now that I am paying attention with them being walk-ins or something?]) and among things like not being able to stay in first-person for very long (idk if thats just a recommended thing) every so often when I think I am getting somewhere my mind seems to drift off and start showing me weird imagery. I don't really know how to describe it but its the kind of random stuff that you see when your dreaming, so I am assuming it has something to do with that. And then I back out of it again and I'm just back at the beginning and the feeling is gone. I'm pretty sure its not the tulpa itself showing the images, since they seem to be very out of context and random and they usually follow with that sense of drowsy-ness that you get when you start to fall asleep (kinda like when you somehow get into that weird half-awake, half-asleep state, where you are aware of whats happening, but whatever is happening is usually nonsensical, yet it somehow makes sense until you really think about it and realize that its a dream).


So, as the title states, how do I keep these from showing up? I'm pretty sure they aren't supposed to be there and they are interrupting things. But like I said, every time I think I am getting somewhere they appear again and I'm back at square one.

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When you focus on your tulpa, you get cozy, a little bored, and then you're either thinking about something completely unrelated or you are falling asleep. When doing narration, you are focusing and ultimately, meditating, with your tulpa as your focus. The imagery you are describing is either hallucinations you are experiencing from the trance you are in or hypnagogic hallucinations before falling asleep. Normally if you are getting distracted, you should not have too much trouble gently refocusing on your tulpa. However, what this sounds like is you catching yourself trying to fall asleep and you are waking yourself up.

It sounds like the problem is you are sleep deprived and trying to fall asleep or you are getting too comfortable when forcing and the meditative-like trance is making you groggy.

Try forcing while sitting upright. Sitting against a wall or in a chair will give you the support to sit up and you can focus on forcing with a much lower risk of falling asleep. If that doesn't help, stand up and feel free to move around. If that too makes you sleepy, go ahead and fall asleep and try again tomorrow, because you're probably really tired and need rest. If you are really sleep deprived, narrating will probably lead to more frustration than progress.

Even though the time before going to bed can be a good opportunity to force, it can keep you up at night and you are more likely to fall asleep during forcing. If you are forcing at night, choose a different time to force such as early in the morning or in a quiet space during the day or narrate to your tulpa away from your bed and time your forcing sessions to make sure you don't stay up too late.

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