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is there any way to be immersed in wonderland and shut off from meatspace, while a headmate fronts?

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this is basically the endgoal for me switching out, i want to be able to experience the headspace while someone else fronts in meatspace. im just wondering if there any any guides out there for this process, if anyone has done it or if its even possible to do

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13 minutes ago, Mirichu said:

Have you read Fuliam's guide on how to switch? they go pretty in-depth on how to immerse yourself in wonderland.

ill try look at it and follow it, but im not sure i can remember all the steps off by memory (because i think they need to be done in quick succession)?

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Edward's dissociation guide also covers switching to wonderland.


We have not achieved success with wonderland switching, but good luck.

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I assume your tulpa is amenable to this plan? I will also assume, you had success going to a 'wonderland' and with remaining there a reasonable time, even if it's not the 'permanent' you are striving for? If both of these are a yes, I would say keep doing what you're doing and you'll build up endurance. How long have you lived in this body? (Don't answer. X is sufficient.) Well, you have spent X years tuning into this body and the surrounding environment it is immersed in. You don't just step out of that. Can some people just do it? Yeah. Some people get tulpas faster than others. That isn't a helpful measure. The only measure is 'it can be done.' It may not take you x years to learn to stay in the 'wonderland' but it will take time, and time for tulpa to tune in and stay in tuned in.


Assume for a moment, the transpersonal idea, or paranormal,  of a 'walk-in' is sort of related to what you're asking. Not saying a 'walk-in' is tulpa related- I am just saying there might be parallels, and you came into, by happenstance or synchronicity, (which ever your paradigm happens to be your preffered) these present life circumstances either to learn something or gift something, and so in essence, you're not just giving up a body, or even a life, but contractual arrangement with the folks presently in your life and in your potential future life. You're not just passing a torch to the next Olympian. There is a mish mash of paradigms and metaphors I am using, as I have feet in multiple domains. I see social life, present and potential future in a relational/contractual sort of way- not binding per say, just some expectations... You're handing over the keys to the company, retiring, and so another feature of checking out and letting someone step-in results in lelgalese, intellectual rights, property rights, social debt, past and future, future social earnings, etc, which I would be surprised if you're not working that out in a direct way, but if not- it will be sorted subconsciously. You certainly don't have to accept my explanation as to what may be holding you here, I am only hoping to convey that cutting ties and stepping out may not be as straight forward as you imagine. If you have unresolved issues with family or friends, that, too, could have meaningful gravimetric attraction that pulls you back.


In responding to your question, I have made some assumptions about your quality of life (perceived or real.) You don't have to confirm or deny. At this point, I do not wish to encourage or discourage you from enacting your plan. What I am going to share with you, partly as another explanation for maybe why you can't tarry permanently on that side, kind of explains my above rambling. For me, the longer I tarry in 'wonderland' or meditation mind space, the healthier I feel, and consequently, the more likely I am to bounce back here to cope with and or tackle the things I need to accomplish or resolve, physically or socially. I do this, of course, imperfectly- as do we all. If you had introduced tulpamancy to me at age 20, I swear to God, I would not be here communicating this to you now. (THis would be an example of social future contractual interaction. I did know I would be sharing this space with you, or that I would meet someone who might be struggling with issues i too have faced, but here we are, entangled as it were, brother together by the gravimetric of our situations and interests...)  I have a made a similar statement about time machines. Had I had access to a time machine even as much 10 years ago, I would have re-written my life, because I held neither family nor friend nor artifact of love worth not blowing it all up and starting over. I see my entry into tulpamancy has a form of psychological evolution, allowing me to perceive with greater clarity my present life role, maybe the same way the angel gave Jimmy Stewart a unique perspective when he took him out of the time line in "A Wonderful Life." I am not trying to sell that there isn't trouble or heartache from a greater perspective, and I have been teetering on the edge of one that is simply huge... but I see a reason to persevere, weather a storm because there is a future other that might need me to be present. If no one else, my son- or the person he becomes might actually wish to be re-united. (Nothing huge, just he is relocating with bio-mom to another state, which minimizes my present role in his life. (and he has no say in the matter. )) There are few other people I have interactions with who would like continued contact. (I imagine that to be true. (Loxy assures me that is true, for her and others in the mind space.)) You're here, participating in a group doing something pretty unique, which puts you in my favored, pretty cool category, and whatever it is you learn in the other place might be useful to those of us who linger here, or share a space. that is also reason to return.


One last thought. I see your use of the word 'meat-space' in a negative way. It doesn't mean you are using it that way, you may be completely neutral on the word and the topic, and using it simply as a place holder for the body. Then again, you didn't use body or brain... you called it meat. Anyway, i think you will find a negative association can bind a person just as much, if not more so, than a positive association. Cultivating a neutrality about the vehicle in which you presently reside might help alleviate attachment. I find striving for neutrality particularly helpful. The joke I share, "I feel much better now that I have lost all hope." I heard Buddha didn't say that. :)

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